Rasheed Wallace – more important than ever?

Have you seen the Detroit Pistons play against the Charlotte Bobcats yesterday? No? Here is a quick recap:

Detroit lead the game by 22 entering the 4th quarter, but the reserves weren’t able to keep the lead and it was a one point game with about a minute to go. Sheed bailed the Pistons out with a nice three pointer and got them the 4 point win. If the game would have gone a minute or two longer, there is no way the Pistons would have won.

(For a longer recap, click here.)

I don’t know where to start. Coach Curry had to bring the starters back in – he did, but he left Allen Iverson on the bench. Is that a good decision? A.I. scored 20 on 13 shots earlier and was pretty hot, but I guess Curry had his reasons. Maybe we wanted to prevent his team from handing the ball to A.I. and watch him go to work. I guess Iverson isn’t too happy about this, but we’ll see.

The real problem is the Pistons bench. I like them, I really do. I’m a big fan of Rodney Stuckey, Maxiell, Johnson…I love to root for Herrmann and Kwame Brown. Now that McDyess is back, they are even better…so, why can’t they keep up a lead? Why do the Pistons tend to lose the 2nd quarter by a big margin (the 2nd unit starts the 2nd quarter)…what is wrong?

Sheed hit that 3 pointer, but what if he would have missed it? Thank god he didn’t, the Pistons already have an identity crisis and a lose like this would have killed them for good. Wallace hit a few big shots this year for the Pistons and he will have to in the next couple of months to take the Pistons into the playoffs. He is playing his best basketball stats-wise since 2005 and he does a great job mentoring the young big men on the Pistons’ roster.

Is he the guy who holds the Pistons together now that Billups is gone? Of course I can’t say for sure, but to me it looks like the Pistons would fall apart without him on the court and probably off the court as well.

Let’s hope that the Pistons learn how to play decent basketball for a whole 48 minutes.

Here is a little reward for everybody who read this whole thing. A video of Rasheed Wallace showing us the Pistons Practice Facility – Sheed the Tour Guide.

Is this guy kidding when he says “there is no logical reason why he would call Rodney Curtis“? Stuckey looks like 50 Cent (real name: Curtis Jackson). C’mon, this one was easy.


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