Dec 19 – Games to watch

Dallas Mavericks @ New Jersey Nets (07:30 ET)

Mavericks versus Nets? We will hear it every year until Kidd retires: Jason Kidd vs Devin Harris. There is no doubt in anyones mind that the trade turned out way better for the Nets. Harris is delivering all-star stats this season and wreaking havoc on the court. Vince Carter is playing like the old Carter…uhm, the old old Carter, you know, back in the day when he was considered good.

Who will win this game? I’d go with the Nets, but actually everything depends on how good Dirk plays tonight. The Nets have one of the weakest front courts in recent history.

Who will guard Devin Harris? I’d go with Jason Terry, because he is quick enough to stay in front of him. If that doesn’t work, Josh Howard is another option.

Who will guard Dirk Nowitzki? Well…nobody on the Nets roster can slow him down, I guess.

Los Angeles Lakers @ Miami Heat (08:00 ET)

Kobe vs. Wade. ‘Nuff said. The game itself shouldn’t be close, because the Lakers are THAT good, but I can’t wait to see how much damage one great guard can do. If Wade plays good, this one can get interesting. Maybe the Lakers can learn a thing or two for the playoffs.

I’m waiting for Shawn Marion to make some headlines, because he was a bit quiet this season. Tonight would be a great game to get some attention.

Utah Jazz @ Detroit Pistons (08:00 ET)

Paul Millsap is on a roll right now, but the Jazz aren’t as good as many people (or was it only me?) thought they’d be. Same goes for the Pistons since Allen Iverson arrived. Two teams that need to proof that they still got it. The Pistons couldn’t beat the Jazz the last three years, but maybe tonight everything will change.

This game has some nice match-ups and it should be fun to watch. Allen Iverson, Deron Williams, Rasheed Wallace, Mehmet Okur, Tayshaun Prince, Andrei Kirilenko, Jason Maxiell, Paul Millsap…they have players with equal playing styles on several positions and that is always fun to watch.

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Denver Nuggets (10:30 ET)

The best game tonight in my opinion. The Cavaliers are on a roll – the Nuggets are one of the better teams out west trying to prove that they belong in the title contender talks.

I really like the Nuggets – since Chauncey Billups arrived they improved so much. Carmelo Anthony is playing some of the best basketball of his career lately (33 point quarters anyone?) and J.R. Smith is doing what he does best – score in bunches.

The Cavaliers have finally surrounded LeBron James with the right people (I’m talking about you, Mo Williams) and their defense is great.

This game has everything…must see!


One Response to “Dec 19 – Games to watch”

  1. Undoubtedly, these games are for sure games to watch ……. I am keenly looking for ward for these games on Dec.19…….hopefully I end up winning some money… any picks guys.

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