Would Arenas still be a Wizard if…

Hi there,

I’m just thinking loud right now. Did you ever ask yourself if the Wizards would still pay Gilbert Arenas if his contract wasn’t guaranteed?

The guy is getting paid 8 figures for sitting around since more than a year. His little comeback in the playoffs was only good for messing with the Wizards decent play and his long range bricks destroyed all their hopes to win the series against the Cleveland LeBrons.

Even after that he got his 100+ mil contract and he is stilling sitting on the bench. Latest news are that he won’t even try a comeback this seaosn, because the Wizards are already pretty much out off the playoffs with their 4-23 start (only the Oklahoma City Thunder are worse).

Agent Zero

Is Gilbert Arenas a great scorer? Absolutely. Is he worth paying him big time cash and waiting years for him to start a comeback? Probably…but it is quiet a gamble, because we don’t know if he will ever be the same again.

Back in 2004-05 he broke the 20 point per game barrier with a 25.5 point game average with more than 5 assists and nearly 5 boards. He scored a career high 29.3 points per game in 05-06 on .447 shooting. His best overall season was in 06-07 when he scored 28.4 with 6 assists and 4.6 rebounds per game.

In 07-08 he only played 13 games and he didn’t even step on the court this season.

The best thing about him is that he is able to step up his game in the playoffs like he did in 05-06 when he scored 34 a game and added 5 assists and 5 boards for good measure through 6 games.

So, is he worth his big contract? It’s hard to tell now. Would he still be on the Wizards payroll if the NBA contracts weren’t guaranteed? I don’t know. They could go for a healthy all-star in the offseason if he wasn’t on their payroll.

What do you think? Would the Wizards be better off without Agent Zero?

Before you answer, check his top ten plays from 06-07 out. You will notice that his quick first step and his ability to finish with contact is what seperates him from not all-star scorers:

Every time he goes down like in this video, everybody will think about his knee. Can he even be as explosive as he used to be after this injury?

Tell me what you think in the comments.


2 Responses to “Would Arenas still be a Wizard if…”

  1. Travis Outlaw Says:

    The thing is that the Wizards signed Gilbert to that big contract because they wanted to keep their big 3 together (Gilbert, Butler, Jamison). They rewarded Gilbert because of his play 2 seasons ago when he was really good and not injured. The Wizards were probably scared that if they didn’t sign Gilbert another team would. And in the summer there was a rumor that Golden State offered Gilbert a big contract to return. In a free agency where Baron Davis surprisingly leaves GS and Elton Brand leaves LA. Both teams were left with a huge hole to fill. So I’m guessing this was why the Wizards had to bring Gilbert back no matter how big of a contract. And Jamison was brought back too the same reason. The Wizards had to re-sign Gilbert.

  2. My two cents,

    Ignoring the injury situation …. Arenas is absolutely worth the money they paid to him. He’s their best player and when the Wizards are considering how to build their team, they should consider whether Arenas’ teammates fit in with him rather than vice versa. They are a vastly improved squad with a healthy Arenas than not.

    Considering the injury situation …. the club took a massive risk and nobody knows how it’ll play out. I wouldn’t blame them either way (letting him leave or keeping him). He’s such an incredibly talented basketball player, guys like that don’t come around very often, when you get one of them you do everything possible to hold onto him.

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