Rodney Stuckey is for real

There are moments in sports when you know you are watching something special happen. Watching a player develop at light speed and just feeling that he is going to be a great player for years to come.

It is awesome every time a player comes out of nowhere with the ability to dominate most other players playing the same position. This is exactly what is happening with Rodney Stuckey right now (so tune in and watch every Pistons game you can).


Maybe I’m a bit of a fanboy right now, but the way Stuckey is playing gets me exited to be a Pistons fan again. He is bigger, tougher and faster than 90% of his opposition and he is getting better every day with doing the right thing at the right time…plus, his pull-up jump shot is pretty sweet right now and you can bet everything you have that he is out-hustling everyone at every given moment on the court as well. You see improvement every game. New crossovers, new post-up moves, pull-up jumpers…everything.

It’s not like years past when everything was looking good for Detroit until we had to battle the Boston Celtics or the Cleveland LeBrons in the playoffs. Now we need to watch players like Stuckey to feel like everything is gonna be alright.

We have a guy coaching (yup, looking at you, Mr. Curry) who can’t man up and tell his players what to do. Changing your rotation from game to game and doing everything to please every starter instead of looking what the team needs just isn’t what a coach is supposed to do. Either lead them or leave them

Another thing you have to love about Stuckey is his ability to get to the rim. When you get the chance, watch him when he blows by his defender…most times they aren’t even fast enough to turn around til Stuckey already got to the rim to get his team 2 points. Amazing quickness.

The way he finishes with contact without acting all cocky afterwards or rubbing it in makes him just a class act all around.


I’m not the first guy to say it and I definitely won’t be the last one, but here you go: This kid is special.


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