etroit – Where is the D?

Where is the defense, Pistons? Where?

The Detroit Pistons have been one of the best defensive teams in the NBA in recent years. A team with a burning desire to stop you from scoring with everything they got. They gave 110% on every possession so you would have a hard time putting the ball through the hoop. Yesterday? Not so much…

The Dallas Mavericks (yes, the team that got beat by 30+ by the Bucks) blew the Pistons out on national TV (which is pretty bad by itself, but it gets worse) and the Pistons didn’t seem to really care. Of course there have been some sad faces on the bench, but nobody was upset. But who is supposed to say enough is enough on this squad? Who is their leader?

Coach Curry? He couldn’t decide who to start the last two months so I guess it will take some time til he figures out what he is supposed to do about this.

Allen Iverson? Nope. No chance…

Rasheed Wallace? He would be my best guess, because it is obvious he cares. Just look at him – he knows what he is doing on both ends and seeing the emotion he plays with just makes you proud as a fan. Yesterday was the first time I have seen him really down while sitting on the bench in a long time.

Richard Hamilton? Hard to tell, but I guess his teammates would listen when he decides to speak.

Tayshaun Prince? Sounds good to me. There have been several stories about him keeping the team together and calling players out if they did something wrong off the court (but the nice way, not the New York Knicks attention w*ores way).

Maybe this embarrassing blow out on national TV was a wake up call for them – maybe it was just the first of many embarrassing loses to come – only time will tell, but for the love of God – somebody, at least try to change the team’s mindset.

Maybe next time...

Maybe next time...

If you want to see Michael Curry’s post game interview, head over to or click here.


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