Mo Williams drops 43 on Kings

What a show. Mo just couldn’t miss yesterday – the basket probably felt like the ocean to him.

7/12 (58%) from three point range and 15/24 (62%) overall good for 43 points which is his new career high – his previous career high was 38 points (against Miami back in 2007). Add 11 assists and 8 rebounds and you have an incredible stat-line.

...on fire...

...on fire...

He drained shot after shot and made people forget that LeBron had a triple double already at the beginning of the third quarter. Outshining LeBron is a hard thing to do, but sometimes it happens.

The King scored 23 points (coincidence?), grabbed 15 boards and dished out 11 assists. Add 3 blocks and think about the fact that he only took 10 shots and you get an idea how goood he really is.

I was surprised that Sacramento could hang with the Cavaliers for so long, but Kevin Martin was just born to put the ball through the hoop. 35 points against a pretty good defense – the kid knows how to get to the line and how to score.

LeBron James and Mo Williams were incredible, but the main reason for the Cavaliers victory were the rebounds. In this high-tempo, high-scoring game it is very important to get more possessions than your opponent – rebounds are a good way to get more possessions.

The Cavaliers grabbed 49 rebounds compared to the Kings 25. One rebound shy of having exactly twice as many boards. You can’t expect to win when you get out-rebounded like this.

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One Response to “Mo Williams drops 43 on Kings”

  1. Mo Williams might just be that guy Lebron needs to win a championship. You know Mo must be good when he gets the headline even when Lebron drops a triple double.

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