Detroit Journal – Day II

Day 2 – Friday, 30.01

Yesterday was a pretty long and exhausting day, but we woke up around 9am anyway which is very unusual for us. Time zones, I guess. Most people try to find the right sleeping rhythm for the country they live in – we search the right country for our sleeping rhythm.

We went straight to the Renaissance Center where we spent a couple hours looking through the stores and checking out everything interesting. The Food Court is nice and has lots of fast food options like McDonals, Burger King, Arby’s (which we chose), Subway and so on and so on. We also used to opportunity to test some soft drinks we didn’t knew – Dr. Pepper tastes nice – Vitamin Water not so much.

(More + pictures after the jump)

Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper

We took quiet a few pictures there and on our way to the Hart Plaza and later down Wooward Ave. Other than a few vacant buildings the city is very nice and typical american (aka looks like we europeans think american cities look). Check the pictures out to see everything from the Renaissance Center, the Hart Plaza, Woodward Ave, Joe Louis’ fist and ‘Stargate’ (no clue what the real name is).



After some more TV watching it was game time. The guy behind the counter ordered a cab for us and while we where waiting Robert came upstairs from the breakfast room. Who is Robert you ask? Well, Robert is working here, but is his free day. The young guy behind the desk was he son, at least Robert thinks so. He is actually a very charismatic guy even tho he smelled like he had a few beers already. He was joking all the time and we had a good time talking to him. My favorite moment was when he asked what the german word for b*tch is (it’s ‘Schlampe’ if you need to know). He stood up, went to the guy behind the desk, called him ‘Schlampe’ and came back laughing his ass off. Good times.

Fist Pump

Fist Pump

A bit later the taxi arrived. For 60 $ you can get to the Palace of Auburn Hills – pretty expensive, but it was so worth it. The ride was okay except for the part when we thought our driver fell asleep and the part where he put his glasses on after the half ride. The Palace is an awesome place. Everything screams Pistons in there and seeing so many white or blue jerseys is just unbelievable. I will never forget walking through the Palace – exciting!

The Shoe

The Shoe

The player introduction was awesome – I totally forgot about the explosions. Didn’t think you could actually feel the heat from it, but well…you can. The crowd was awesome except for the 1st quarter and the beginning of the 3rd (because people were occupied with going to the toilette and what not). Too bad the Pistons lost, but it was a special game.

Rodney Stuckey scored at will, but somehow sat out most of the 4th. Ask Michael Curry for more informations about this one.

If you wondered: That’s us screaming ‘get out‘ and ‘go home‘.


Next game: Cavaliers!

The ride home was very nice. Rick, our taxi driver, is a really nice (although a bit ‘gangsta’) guy, but he is really working hard for his living. He is reconstructing houses around Downtown and when he has a free minute he drives taxi for some extra money. He is really working hard to survive and you have to respect that.

Most people we met til now are really laid back and more relaxed than most Europeans. Everybody is more loose and living from day to day – not planing much for the future, but taking it one day at a time. It is really the biggest difference in thinking we have noticed yet.

Rick offered us to take us to the next game as well and bring us back. We’ll probably give him a call.

The evening ended at the same restaurant like yesterday with some Beef and Chicken Wraps (recommendable!). We are pretty much regulars there already.


3 Responses to “Detroit Journal – Day II”

  1. Too bad you couldn’t rent a car since (especially in Detroit) that’s how most of us Americans are accustomed to getting around. On the other hand, talking to all the cabbies for local information is a great way to learn more about the city and get a taste of American culture as well.

    Trust me, I wish our public transit was half as good as you guys enjoy over in Europe…

  2. Hi Piston Guys!
    The fist pump is great!
    I really would like to meet Robert one time.
    Very entertaining story!

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