Detroit Journal – Day III

Day 3 – Saturday, 31.01.

We woke up at 9:30 am – way to early, but we got in a normal sleeping rhythm here – have to get rid of that when I’m back home. We watched TV til 1pm, because it is too cold to get out – we plan to go to the Renaissance Center Food Court again, buy a thing or two and prepare for our meeting with Natalie from need4sheed fame later today. Probably at Pizza Papalis – can’t wait to taste their deep dish pizza – rated #1 in Detroit.

We went to the Renaissance Center to get something to eat. On the way we made a few more pictures and a video or two so we have something to watch to remind ourselves of the way Detroit looks. We also met Kid Rock’s dad on the way there. Nice guy, thinks he is a rock star. Smelled a bit strange, tho. If you think the Ren Cen is empty during the week, you better shouldn’t go there at the weekends – ghost town. Nobody there but a few employees, homeless guys and two guys from Austria.

Afterwards we went back to the hotel, because it was just way too cold to do anything else. Nice thing we didn’t expect: College Basketball on four different channels all day long. Why does anybody here leave their home at all?

A few hours later we went to Monroe Street to meet Natalie at Pizza Papalis. On the way there we actually saw packed restaurants – 20+ people inside! Incredible! The previous record was 2 (including us).

At Pizza Papalis Natalie was already waiting for us. What an awesome person! She is really nice and you could tell that she was so happy for us and really does everything to make our trip even more unforgetable. We talked about everything – Austria, Downtown Detroit, our flight, the Pistons, George Blaha & ‘Special K’ Greg Kelser and so on. She really liked the fact that we knew who Blaha and Kelser are and also that we pretty much knew every commercial from the FSN Detroit broadcast by heart (‘Belle Tire’ or ‘Wallside Windows – We can do that – we are the factory’ or Dr. Rahmani – just go there and you can shoot like Rip). She gave us a few more advices how to move through the city without getting killed. All jokes aside, we got really awesome presents from here – little Chauncey statues (we are pretty big Billups fans – he wears a Denver uniform now, but we all know he still bleeds blue-white-red), Courtside Magazines and 1989 Champions baseball caps. Thank you very much, Natalie! If you ever have a chance to meet here, do so. She is just a lovely, awesome person.

We will definitely see each other at the Palace on Wednesday. It will be great to cheer the Pistons with all the other fans and need4sheed readers.

By the way, I can really recommend the Meat-Eaters-Special deep dish pizza at Pizza Papalis. It is THAT good. (A good advice from us for you: Don’t eat the Italian Chicken Sandwich at Burger King – disgusting would be a compliment for that…’thing’. Stick with the Whopper. Another good advice: Astoria Pastry Store. Go there. Immediately. Their Peanut Butter Chunk Cookies taste like a little piece of heaven.)


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  1. Hi!

    College basketball at four DIFFERENT channels ALL day?
    I’m living in the wrong country!

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