Detroit Journal – Day IV

Day 4 – Sunday, 01.02.

We woke up at 8am. Don’t ask, I don’t know why we are waking up earlier every day. I don’t like that trend, but we answered quiet a few e-mails (long over-due) and had time to watch some of the Superbowl preview shows – they started this stuff before we woke up. 10+ hours pre-game shows for a 2,5 hour match. Nice.

We really did need to walk around a bit, because we didn’t move for a day or two. Greektown was pretty empty except for some people who went there for lunch. After a while we went to the Palace of Auburn Hills.

Our cab driver didn’t talk much until he saw IT – the best booty he has ever seen. He called it a perfect 10 and drove slowly behind the woman walking next to us on the sidewalk. That woke him up. Funny guy.

Pistons vs. Cavaliers!

Best view ever

Best view ever

Just kidding, the seats were great!

Just kidding, the seats were great!

We thought this one would be awesome – and they didn’t disappoint. Too bad that we lost (again), but the game was really good. The crowd was totally into it and went crazy during the 3rd quarter when the Pistons got a nice lead. The move Stuckey put on the guy they call BronBron was sick. I think LeBron’s head is still spinning. Stuckey can handle the ball better than most guys in the league.

Allen Iverson really was ‘The Answer’ in some parts of the game. He took over the game when we needed him to and he delivered. What happened in the 4th?

James torched us for 33 and made it look easy. He hardly ever took it to the rim, because his jumpshot was falling. Not much you can do about that.

Maybe next time...

Maybe next time...

In the 4th quarter the Pistons imploded. They just looked lost on the court and the Cavaliers took advantage of that. Of all people, Daniel Gibson was the one who brought Cleveland back with a 7-0 run of his own. Yup, he scored 7 in a row and brought the Cavs within 1 in 2 minutes. Think this is bad? It only got worse from there.

I really enjoyed the cab ride back. It is too damn expensive, but the drivers are crazy…in a good way. This guy was talking about his passion for gambling (he recommended the Greektown Casino and says the MGM is overrated – no clue if that is true, but I guess he spends quiet some time in both). Anyway, he also told us that he loves to drive his bike (he calls it ‘crotch-rocket’) way too fast on the freeway so if you see somebody speeding by you on the 75, it’s probably him. The cleanest cab I’ve been in in Detroit and he was a nice guy, so everything was okay.

We wanted to go to the Hard Rock Cafe or Hockeytown to watch the Superbowl, but we settled for our favorite sports bar around the corner. It was pretty nice there. Not too many people, but still enough to have a good time. The Superbowl didn’t dissappoint. Awesome game. The Cardinals turned it around after being down 20-7 just to still get beat in the end. Crazy game. Loved every second of it!

Tomorrow we will probably go to the Joe Louis Arena. Let’s go Red Wings!


10 Responses to “Detroit Journal – Day IV”

  1. Hey what’s up guys… I’m a lifelong Pistons from Michigan who lives in Houston now. I’ve enjoyed reading about you’re trip so far. If I was up there I would take you around so you could save your money on cab fair. I spent some time in Norway and Amsterdam and it’s an awesome experience to get out of your bubble and check out how other people live. It’s cool you’re from Austria, I’m a big Hundertwasser fan. Anyways, enjoy the rest of you’re trip, hopefully we’ll stomp Miami on Wednesday!

  2. Hey guys, hope you are having fun in the D as we call it. I grew up in Detroit (suburbs), and maybe could offer you some places to go that are a little out of the city. I am living in Colorado for school. Too bad I wasn’t home to drive you guys around so you can save money on cab rides and get a first hand tour.

    First off, do your self a favor and check out . This is the Detroit bus system and will save you ALOT of money if your going anywhere outside downtown. Trust me most of the stuff worth seeing is outside of downtown. On the website click “view system map” to see the routes. If your confused i’m sure someone at your hotel will be able to help you.

    Somerset Mall: Nicest mall in the Detroit area, a little out of the city close to the rich areas of Detroit. Has everything from clothes to tech. (About 45 mins from downtown)

    Hunter House Hamburgers: If you like burgers, these are the best in Detroit. (About 40 mins from downtown)

    Royal Oak: Suburb of Detroit, has a cool downtown that is very nice, safe and clean. There are alot of bars, restaurants, and shops that are all worth visiting. A very young, “trendy” city. (About 25 mins from downtown).

    If I think of some more cool places I will tell you.

  3. Have fun

  4. Guys, go to Royal Oak and check out the shops, restaurants, bars. Alot more fun than downtown trust me!!

    It’s about a 30 min cab ride from downtown. A very safe part of the city and clean. Mostly young students live there, very “trendy”

  5. Thank you @ll. 🙂

    We will visit the Somerset Mall. Heard only good things about it and we really need to see an american shopping mall. 🙂

  6. IMO, for classic burgers you can’t beat Bates Burgers in Livonia or Farmington Hills.

  7. Hi!

    Funny cab drivers in the US and A! 😉

    The game must have been great, except of the fact, that D lost!

    I really would like to see the perfect 10 lol!


  8. “Hey guys, hope you are having fun in the D as we call it. I grew up in Detroit (suburbs)”

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA shit cracks me up. White from Rochester is my guess or even rougher part called Bloomfield Township.

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