Detroit Journal – Day V

Hi there,

took us quiet some time to get to write this one.

We took a trip around Detroit Downtown today to see some more of the city and enjoy the nice weather. It was pretty cool, because we actually saw people on the streets. The city felt alive and we enjoyed. We met with Natalie again for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.

The HRC was awesome. It is really neat inside, the food is good and the atmosphere is fantastic. All the signed stuff just gives the place a cool vibe. We can definitely recommend this restaurant!

We were talking with her about our plans for the next few days, the Suite Night at Wednesday at the Palace of Auburn Hills and pretty much everything else that came to our mind. I know I’m repeating myself, but Natalie is just awesome. She is really happy for us and tries everything to make this trip even better than it is. She brought us some awesome jerseys (including one of Isiah Thomas and Vinnie ‘The Microwave’ Johnson). Cool! 🙂

She dropped us of at the Joe Louis Arena so we can get us some tickets for tonight’s game against the St. Louis Blues. Can we finally see a Detroit team win?



We walked at the riverside and saw some other Piston’s fans.

Go Pistons!

Go Pistons!

We went back to our hotel after some shopping. I can’t get enough of the TV program here, but we left to see the Hockeytown Cafe and take the shuttle service from there to the JLA. The Hockeytown Cafe is a really cool place (see, lots of cool places in Downtown). When you come in and see the bikes with the spinners that have pucks inside them, that pretty much says it all. Good food, good prices, good shuttle service…

When we arrived at the Joe Louis Arena, we were looking around a bit. It is not as new as the Palace, but you get the feeling that many people walked this halls and saw some good games. Inside you can see all the achievements hanging of the rafters. We were overwhelmed by all the banners.


The crowd was really into the game and that was pretty nice. A bit different than the Palace where the people aren’t up for all the clapping when the announcer asks them to. The Red Wings crowd really enjoys those things. They also got really loud when they announced that Draper is playing his 1000th game that night.

The game was great too, 3-3 after the 3rd and no goals in overtime. The Red Wings won the shootout and the crowd went nuts. We have some video footage we’ll upload later – it was really loud.

We wanted to take the shuttle back to the Hockeytown Cafe, but the guy didn’t show up after the 1st ride so we were standing there with a group of another 20 persons and waited…and waited…and than the ‘Ouzo Cruiso’ van showed up. He took us all to the Hockeytown Cafe with the response: ‘I don’t care, I’m doing this for the tips. As far as I’m concerned, we can go to Mexico as well.’ Didn’t happen. 😦

The evening ended in the same sports bar we always go to. It’s like a ritual already.


2 Responses to “Detroit Journal – Day V”

  1. Took me a while to realise red wings are a hockey team.

    Who gave that boy the pistons jersey???

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