Detroit Journal – Day VI

The best day ever! I can’t even tell you how much we enjoyed this day, you wouldn’t believe me, but I’ll still give it a try.

We started the day at Jimmy John’s which is a very nice place to eat. The prices are okay and the sandwiches are the best we’ve had here. Forget Subway, don’t know about Quiznos yet, but til now Jimmy John’s is the real deal. Too bad we don’t have one in Austria, I would go there every day.

After another trip through the city, we went back to our hotel. Our plan was to go to a mall today, but after we read that Stuckey would be at the Meijer at Royal Oak to sign autographs…F the mall, we are going to Meijers today!

We took a cab and guess what…we met the first taxi driver who didn’t try to hustle us. The first time here the driver started this taxometer thing – I thought this was a radio til now. (Just kidding…on the radio part.)

30 minutes later we arrived at Meijers. The cab driver gave us his number if we need him again and we will actually consider that.

Meijers is a nice place, you can buy pretty much anything (but Pistons gear) here. They didn’t feel like bringing some new Jerseys even tho Stuckey was supposed to show up in 2 hours. We stood in line pretty early and next to us was this group of 4 – we talked all the time about the US, Austria, Basketball, life,…everything. They were pretty cool and funny and we enjoyed the waiting with them – made the time fly by.

After one hour, Automotion showed up and brought this Wheel of Fortune thing where you could win amazing things like…magnets. Oh, oh, oh…and bumper stickers! Woohoo! Bumper stickers…yeah…I’m just kidding, it was really nice. You had to stand in line, got a question and when you answered it correctly (or not) you could turn the wheel. Martin won a Player Photo, but actually got two. (Take that! πŸ˜€ ) I got a Palace Lockerroom Discount of 20% and they have no clue that we were going to buy the whole store tomorrow. (Take that too!)

Oh, btw, Automotion read the questions of index cards. Martin’s question was ‘When did the Pistons move to Detroit?’ and mine was ‘Where did Chaucney Billups go to college?’. Do you know the answers? Yeah, right. 1st one is 1957 and 2nd is a trick question actually, because Chauncey isn’t on our roster anymore. Somebody better sort out that question next time (I’m looking at you, David! πŸ˜€ ). The real answer is Colorado.

We got a signed Automotion poster too. Signed by Steffanie K and Melanie. Envy us all you want, we don’t care.

The Automotion guy with the helmet and the basket in his face was there too and everybody could take a shot or two at the basket. Martin swished his like it was nothing and I overthrew him like Brett Favre. Maybe I should try out for the Jets next season.

A bit later Samuel L. Jackson walked into the store followed by Hooper. One of them was who we thought it is and the other was a photographer – can you guess who is who? Oh, btw, Santa Claus is working at Meijers too. Yeah, we spent a lot of time in there.



Hooper is awesome. The kids love him and he is probably the best mascot ever. He doesn’t talk, because…you know…horses can’t speak. Everybody loves him! We high-fived him and took a picture with him. There was another shooting thing (this time with Hooper) with pretty much the same results as the 1st one.

After another hour, Rodney Stuckey came into the room and the crowd went nuts…for 3 seconds. Than everything was business. People rushing him, kids flying around, Hooper is now meat loaf…nah, it was pretty civilized. Everybody was waiting for their turn and everything was fine. After 5 minutes it was our turn.

We said hi to Stuckey and he was really nice. We told him we came from Austria to see the Pistons and especially him play (we are big fans, but you should know that by now), he asked us how far away that is and I guess he appreciated us flying 5000 miles to see him. We told him that the move he crossed LeBron over with in the 3rd quarter Sunday was absolutely crazy and that made him smile. Wished him good luck for tomorrow and said good-bye. (We have some video footage of that, we’ll probably upload that later.)

He signed t-shirts for us and was pretty cool about the whole thing. Didn’t look upset or pissed because he had to sit there and sign stuff for an hour. We bought a thing or two at Meijer’s and sat on a bench next to the exit.

While we were waiting for our cab, Hooper walked by us and high-fived Martin again. He galloped into the sunset. The end.

No, he really walked by, but he went outside to the parking lot and probably went into his trailer or something. Horses can’t drive as far as I know. Or is the law different in Michigan? Would explain so many things. πŸ˜€

Greektown Casino

Greektown Casino

We thought the time is right for checking out the Greektown Casino. Man, you have no clue how big the difference is between US casinos and our casinos. First of all, no dress code. I guess as long as you can spend a dollar or two you don’t even have to wear pants. Just kidding, I really liked the fact that people inside were wearing t-shirts. Made the place more fun and less strict. Now we also know where all the people are – we were wondering if there is some kind of underground city we should know about, but it’s the Casino. After some time (man, I really don’t know how long it was) all the sounds, visual distractions and everything gets to you – sensory overload.

We won enough money to go and eat good. πŸ™‚ Never ate this good for free. On our way home we saw Allen Iverson. See, walking by an NBA superstar just never happens in Austria. πŸ˜€ A.I. was rocking his white shirt and he was having a good time as far as we’ve seen. How cool is that? Just walking by A.I..

To sum it all up, we saw the Pistons’ starting backcourt today, had free dinner and a lot of fun. It will be hard to top that, but that’s what we thought every evening.


19 Responses to “Detroit Journal – Day VI”

  1. I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

  2. when I first read Hooper, I accidently read Hopper (thinking about Dennis Hopper). When I saw his picture I realised little differences…..the “easy driver” changed a bit…….lol.

    who the FAQ is melanie/steffie k?

  3. Got here from Need4sheed, you guys are great and I have really enjoyed your enthusiasm about the city and Detroit Basketball! It sounds like you really did have a blast.

    I think you have a ton of new friends from Detroit.

    Have a good time at the game tonight, go Pistons.

  4. I also followed the link from Glad you guys have had a fun trip. And yes Jimmy John’s is awesome, thankfully they have them all over the US, maybe you two just need to open an Austrian franchise. : D

  5. Thanks everybody for reading and commenting. πŸ™‚ We are having so much fun here, it will be hard to leave for us.

    @ Nossi: Dennis Hopper. *lol* Good you did notice a difference or two on the picture.

    @ Jamie: Yes, we are really having fun in Detroit. The people are really nice and open-minded. It’s a bit hard to get around, but other than that, we love everything about the city.

    @ Vanalope: We’ll consider that. πŸ˜‰ Jimmy John’s is awesome and ‘your mother wants you to eat there’. You can’t beat that slogan.

  6. hey guys i dont know how much longer you are in Detroit, but if you get a chance you should go to Slow’s Barbecue in Detroit. It is the best “BBQ” you will ever eat, and I guarantee you can’t get anything like it in Austria. The address and information is here:

    Thanks for flying and traveling to visit our own little corner of the world.

  7. you guys rock!!! i took of the pic of them with hooper!!!

  8. Be sure to have a meal at a local Coney Island restaurant. It is a different type of meal, but it is pretty much only found in Detroit. If you are downtown, check out Lafayette Coney Island. Quite an experience!

  9. Blaha and Special K just mentioned you guys on the broadcast! Congrats! You guys are #1 Pistons fans =)

  10. You guys got shoutouts from Blaha during the game broadcast!

  11. Guys-you were in the WRONG Meijers. My store near Flint has tons of Pistons stuff-Red Wings, too. You just have to poke around. Enjoy your remaining time here-and please come back again.

  12. @ Tom: Hi, thanks for the tip, but I think we can’t make it this time, because we leave tomorrow afternoon. We’ll give it a try next time we are here, tho. πŸ™‚

    @ andyman: Man, I can’t believe you found us. πŸ˜€ Thanks for taking the picture. You guys were totally awesome. Because of you all the waiting time at Meijers was actually fun.

    @ all: I hope next time we are here we can see a game together or something.

  13. Pistons4Ever Says:

    Guys, Enjoyed your page got to it from Need4Sheed. Glad you have a good time in the good ‘ole USA. Plan a trip to Michigan in the summer, even May or early June. Much nicer than winter!! Have a good flight home.

  14. As you probably know by now– Detroit loves you guys! I heard about you through Natalie at Need4Sheed and found your blog. So glad you enjoyed your visit to Detroit– my home town. (Though I live far away now, I still love that city.)

    Detroit is not really a tourist-oriented city, but what makes it so special is its people–we’re a tight tribe, even post-diaspora. (Ex-Detroiters and Pistons fans spread out across the world by economic necessity.) And, because Detroit has such a reputation as a rough-edged bad-ass gritty place, we LOVE to hear of visitors who take the time to discover what a fun place Detroit can be. (As someone once said β€œDetroit is a city that happens behind closed doors”, but once you meet some people on the inside to open the door for you, it is a really cool place.)

    And thanks for bringing the Pistons out of that slump. Duane Wade called Stuckey’s amazing shot at the end of the Heat game β€œluck”. I don’t think so. I think your meeting with him at Meijers got his mojo working.

  15. Hey guys. I was the one wearing the basketball helmet. I do remember the Austrian Brett Favre! Glad you guys had a good time!

  16. @ Pistons4Ever: Oh, we will definitely be back. I’m sure the weather is much better in May or early June, but won’t be able to plan everything on time and that would get pretty expensive. We really want to see a Pistons playoff game or two – I’m sure it’s even better than the regular season, because the crowd gets really into it.

    @ Zen: Detroit has a bad image, that’s true. Everybody tells you to be careful and how dangerous it is, but it’s not that bad. Of course there are places you shouldn’t walk alone in the middle of the night, but every city has those. What we liked the most are the people. They struggle and the times are rough, but everybody is trying to make the best out of it and stay positive. Awesome people. Like you said: β€œDetroit is a city that happens behind closed doors” – so true. We haven’t even seen half of what we planned to see, but so we will have something to do next time. πŸ™‚

    @ Patrick: Yes, we recognized you immediately on the picture. You were the first Automotion guy we saw at Meijers. πŸ™‚ Say hi to Joe from us when you see him.

  17. Hey ! I stood in line with you guys at meijers during rodney stuckey autograph event ! I had the blue pistons hat and chatted with you most of the time in line.. I hope you guys had a good time in Detroit ! You made new friends and are True Pistons Fans!! Hope to hear from you soon! write anytime

  18. Hi Chris, cool that you found our blog. πŸ™‚ We can remember who you are, of course. It was fun talking to you guys while standing in line. Hope you all are doing well.

    BTW: Our e-mail address is .

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