etroit – The D is still missing (+ Amare rumors)

I don’t know if you follow this blog, but if you do, you probably can remember our last post about the Pistons’ missing identity and defense (if you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, click here: ‘etroit – Where is the D?).

It’s a post we wrote after the Mavericks blow out, to sum everything up pretty quick: Mavericks destroy Pistons by 21 points on national TV, nobody on the squad looks like he cares, nobody tries to change things and we wonder who is supposed to step up and lead the team in the right direction.

Well, things haven’t changed too much since we wrote that. Yesterday the Pistons lost to Amare Stoudemire and the Phoenix Suns. What killed me about this game is that both teams didn’t play defense and didn’t take care of the ball. Everybody looked like the Golden State Warriors out there (and I’m talking about the Warriors this year, not the exciting squad with Baron Davis that kicked the Mavs out of the playoffs).

The only change I like is that Rip and A.I. finally are able to play together and they are nearly a lock to score 40-50 points combined any given night, but they both are also more than able to let the other team’s guards drop 40+ on them (hi there Ramon Sessions) or go off for 20+ assists (hey Steve Nash, how you doin’?). For a complete recap, go here.

It’s hard to put it this way and it’s not 100% correct, but with Billups we also traded our team’s identity out of town. Chauncey was able to do his job on both ends of the floor and I guess he lead everybody else by example.

I’m not trying to put all the blame on the backcourt here, because the best help defense I’ve seen yesterday was Sheed looking at J-Rich and Barbosa after they blew by their defender. At least he saw them. We have to start somewhere…next game take a step in their direction and at game 65 we’ll try challenging the shot. I’m just bitter right now, Sheed was actually pretty okay yesterday and he can’t do everything. What could help with is a lil more Maxiell in our rotation.

Antonio McDyess is something else right now. I’m haven’t checked it, but he has to be one of the best per minute rebounders the last few weeks in the NBA. He kept so many possessions alive in the last few games (against the Suns: 13 boards – 6 off/7 def – in less than 30 minutes / against the Heat: 17 boards in 33 minutes). Rebounds are about effort so he is doing his thing.

Now we are talking about trading Rasheed Wallace and Amir Johnson (“nope, Stuckey is untouchable, sorry, Mr. Kerr”) to the Suns to get Stoudemire. How is that supposed to help us? A crazy dunk here and there is really cool, but not what we need right now. I’m not a doctor, but even I can see that Amare is allergic to playing defense. (BTW: What are the Suns thinking anyway? Trading Amare is the best for their future? Really? You prefer to go with Shaq? Yeah…good luck with that…)



Trading Sheed would mean a lot of things for the Pistons. We would need to start over on offense, because everybody had to respect Sheed’s outside shot and that gave our guards way more room to operate inside the three point line. That will be gone if we trade him, but I can’t blame the Pistons for going after Amare if Sheed, Amir and a pick or two would be all it takes. That’s a no-brainer. If you want to hear it from somebody who talked to Amare yesterday, click here.

What we need is somebody who is willing to sacrifice his body on the defensive end and get our ‘tough guy’ mentality back – you know, the fire, the passion to give everything you have to make it as hard as possible for the other team to score. That is, after all, who we are…or rather…who we used to be.


2 Responses to “etroit – The D is still missing (+ Amare rumors)”

  1. I think the Pistons defense has been getting better, although still inconsistent, over the past couple of weeks. In 8 of their 12 games they’ve held their opponents under 91 points which is very good. Unfortunately in the other four (Phoenix, Milwaukee, Houston, Dallas) they got, well, it was a massacre.

    Right now they’re nowhere near the Pistons of old, but I think they are taking steps in the right direction and improving defensively.

    Iverson has been playing better defense of late too (wasn’t hard for him to improve, he was a disaster defensively for Detroit in the first few weeks), one of the main reasons why their D has been picking up.

  2. You are right, the defense is getting better, but better doesn’t mean it’s good, tho. Improvement is always good and even the Chicago game yesterday was a step forward (but the 4th quarter was still BRUTAL).

    I’m still not sold on A.I. in the starting 5, because they looked pretty good without him yesterday. We could have needed him in 4th, tho. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have fouled Gordon on the 3 pointer. Stuckey’s mistake was a typical rookie mistake.

    BTW: Thanks for reading our blog from time to time. We really appreciate your comments.

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