Pistons implode again

…but at least look better doing it.

You know there is something wrong when your team is up 15 points in the 4th quarter and you think to yourself ‘I hope we won’t lose this time‘. Shouldn’t we feel better with such a big lead and less than 12 minutes to go? We have blown so many leads and imploded quiet a few times, but I thought this game was different.

We had the Bulls well under control.

Rasheed Wallace was the 3rd quarter slaughter – he killed Chicago. They just couldn’t do anything to stop him. It was good seeing Sheed doing his thing again and when he is on fire like he was in that quarter, we usually win. Turn around jumpers, post-ups, 3 pointers…he brought his A-game…for one quarter.

Maybe we should think about calling Richard Hamilton the Microwave instead of Rip from now on. He got used to coming off the bench so fast and he provides instant offense now. He dropped 30 points – mostly mid-range jumpers and one sweet spin move (talk about taking Ben Gordon to school).

I forgot that Tayshaun Prince has one of the best pump fakes I have ever seen and he is a sure bet to hit about every mid-range jumper, no matter if he takes his man off the dribble or just pulls up. Plus the block against Noah in the 4th. (Impressive!) He IS a great player.


On the Bulls side: One thing I noticed is the development of Tyrus Thomas. This freak of nature still isn’t a great basketball player, but he has a better feel for the game and isn’t committing as many dumb fouls as he did in the last games I’ve seen. Awesome energy spark. Scored 22 points (10 from the line) and went for 10 rebounds.

What I didn’t like was that the Pistons made Joakim Noah look like the best rebounder on earth…again. Box him out for god’s sake!

This would have been an awesome game if we were playing hockey (you know, 3 periods ‘n’ stuff). The 4th was…bad…really bad. Actually, it was only the last 4 minutes that really killed us.

We were playing much better defense throughout the whole game (sometimes we had mental lapses like the two easy buckets in a row for Nocioni in the 2nd quarter). What was Sheed thinking when he took that crazy turnaround three pointer with 12 seconds on the shot clock? We could have really needed a good possession at that moment, being up 1 point and all. (Nice Photoshop and Flava Flav comparison on need4sheed for you).

Afterwards we left Ben Gordon in the corner all alone. Of course he hit that shot, but Stuckey fouled him and Chicago got a four point play that put them up 3 points. A bad pass in traffic later – GAME OVER.

NBA Game Recap

We lost pretty bad even though we had the chance to win this game. It shouldn’t have come down to the last few possessions, but that is the way it goes right now. You can’t blame Sheed and Stuckey alone for this loss. Being up 15 and losing by 5 is…well, a team effort…or lack thereof.


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