Pistons can’t beat Hawks

Thank God we have George Blaha and Special K for this one. Strange things are happening with the International League Pass lately – normally you get the home team’s commentators, but this wasn’t the case the last few games. Good we are back to normal.

Crush the Hawks!

Crush the Hawks!

We’ll tackle this today a bit different than we usually do, live blogging style.

1st Quarter

  • This is how you end the 1st quarter: Jason Maxiell gets an offensive rebound and dunks it hard – he nearly put Pachulia into the basket as well
  • Allen Iverson with the hustle play of the year. Flip Murray was closer to the ‘fumbled ball’, but A.I. dove on the floor to get it and pass it to Rip – awesome! That’s what will make Detroit love you, A.I.! Pure hustle.
  • Tayshaun leads the Pistons with 7 points, Marvin Williams leads the Hawks with 5. Rip gets an honorable mention for dropping 6 points from the bench already. Microwave anyone?
  • A.I. loves to gamble on defense, but he is doing a great job til now – 3 steals
  • 24 – 24

2nd Quarter

  • Stuckey back on the floor, starting the quarter with a three pointer over Evans (who played for Detroit then for someone then for Orlando and now for the Hawks)
  • I just realized I don’t wanna hear ‘step-back gun‘ and ‘Jason Maxiell‘ in the same sentence anymore
  • Rodney with a nice pick to get McDyess an open shot – great. Dyess is money from mid-range. Way to go, Stuck!
  • Timeout. Denver is destroying Orlando right now, up by 16 before halftime. They never could guard Chauncey and with Nelson sitting on the bench it’s not getting easier. Glad things are going good for Mr. Big Shot.
  • Did I mention that McDyess is money from mid-range? And that Maxiell can dunk whenever he is somewhere near the rim no matter who is standing in front of him?
  • Through the first 6 minutes of this quarter we out-rebounded Atlanta 10 – 2
  • Block of the night by Jason Maxiell on Horford – damn, that was a good one – he swatted that dunk attempt like it was nothing – he is a MONSTER!
  • The Hawks are not boxing out anyone right now. Good for us. Way more 2nd chances, 3rd chances, sometimes even 4th…still a close game, tho. Dyess is either getting the rebound or tapping it out to a guard – he really gives us many extra possessions.
  • Hawks 48 – 46 Pistons

3rd Quarter

  • Iverson is doing a much better job running the offense, getting people involved, not turning the ball over (0 turnovers til now ~ 4 minutes to go in this quarter)
  • Can’t say enough about how much better A.I. looks in our offense now
  • We are dominating the paint today – 36 points to 18 points. Can’t remember the last time we were banging way more in the paint than our opponent
  • Stuckey has a great pull-up jumpshot
  • Our help defense still isn’t what it used to be – Murray just blew by Johnson and everybody around the rim was just looking at them instead of doing something
  • Joe Johnson is a great player, can’t deny that. 17 points and 4 assists before the end of the 3rd – he let’s the game come to him, not forcing too much. Makes it look easy. He could probably take this game over whenever he feels like it.
  • We forgot how to guard Flip Murray through the 3rd, huh? Dribble penetration is killing us every game.
  • 16 for Flip after a 3 point play. 10 points in the 3rd, 19 total.
  • Hawks 76 – 68 Pistons

4th Quarter

  • We tend to implode when we lead big, but we are pretty good in close games.
  • 17 lead changes, 8 ties
  • Easy 4 points to start the quarter, way to go
  • Can we stop comparing Flip Murray to Vinnie Johnson now, please? That’s embarrassing and insulting to Vin.
  • Did Bibby just block Maxiell?
  • What is the ‘Palace President’ doing actually? What is his job description? That are the things we’d like to know.
  • Iverson with the triple! Good he is hitting those today. Still 8 minutes left and only down 6
  • Another THREE by A.I.! He has 9 points already in the 4th.
  • 5 minutes to go, 4 points down
  • Joe Johnson just took Rip to school with a nice pump fake and spin good for 2 points
  • A.I. is getting to the free throw line at will right now
  • McDyess fell on a camera guy, but both are okay. Dyess will stay in the game
  • Since we went to smallball again (Stuckey, Iverson, Hamilton, Prince, McDyess) we didn’t score a point
  • Stuckey for 2! Down 5, 3 minutes to go.
  • Did we get a rebound yet with our small line-up? Don’t think so. BTW, Johnson just scored 2 over Stuckey. I’m not sure if this is a good match-up for us.
  • 1st turnover for A.I. and it’s a big one with a minute to go and still down 5.
  • Vintage A.I. for 2! Great balance! Down 5 again, 43.2 seconds to go.
  • If Curry grows a beard, he’ll look like Mike Woodson’s son.
  • We get a stop here, but have only 19.9 seconds left. Rip scores quick 2 points! Within 3 now! Got to foul. Horford makes 1 of 2 and we are down 4 with 14.3 left.
  • Easy two for A.I.. He crossed over Evans like it’s nothing. They foul Johnson right away. He makes both.
  • A.I. misses a 3 point bank shot – GAME OVER! Hawks 99 – 95 Pistons.

What did we learn today?

A.I. still is a great scorer and looks more comfortable on the court with the Pistons now than he ever did.

Good 48 minutes effort. No let-downs. Keep that up.

More minutes for Maxiell!


2 Responses to “Pistons can’t beat Hawks”

  1. At least you had Special K and George because this one was hard to watch.

  2. “If Curry grows a beard, he’ll look like Mike Woodson’s son.” Haha

    I thought we were going to make a comeback when AI hit two threes in a row.

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