Jason Maxiell YouTube Highlights

Jason Maxiell is one of the fiercest players the NBA has seen in quiet a long time. He dunks hard, plays hard-nosed defense and can block shots and dunks like it’s nothing.

It was about time that we pay tribute to him with a little YouTube Highlights post:

Crazy block on Tyson Chandler – sorry, no alley-oops allowed.

No easy points for you, KG.

Can’t feel sorry for Dampier.

Get that shake-n-bake weak stuff out of here.

He can dunk on several guys at the same time. Say hello, Kobe!


Not many guys dunked on LeBron like this.

Oh sorry, we had KG already?

He is a BAD man.

I really like the offensive rebound and crazy dunk combo.

Last but not least, 24 seconds with Jason Maxiell…


One Response to “Jason Maxiell YouTube Highlights”

  1. Awesome compilation of YouTube vids! Maxiell is an excellent player; I’m glad he’s on our team and not the competition, heh. I love his tenacity, energy, shot blocking and put-back skills.

    I just sometimes wish he’d get more playing time.

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