Spurs 83 – 79 Pistons

Detroit is on a five game losing streak, has lost 10 of their last 12 home games and fell to 7th place in the Eastern Conference. They are still looking better than they looked a few weeks ago (or against the Bucks…man, that game was ugly). Crazy, isn’t it?

The way the standings are right now, we would have ourselves a nice 1st round exit against Boston. Doesn’t sound too good, but there is still enough time to prevent that from happening.

Spurs 83 – 79 Pistons

The Pistons started the game on a 9-0 run (as every Detroit fan knows, we are usually the team that is on the bad end of those early runs). We looked really good out there and the game was probably the most competitive I’ve seen in quiet some time.

Some highlights:

Antonio McDyess was the best big man in a white jersey yesterday. 13 points and 13 rebounds doesn’t even tell half the story. The defense he played against Duncan (2 blocks), important open jumpers he hit…this man is playing with so much heart.



Allen Iverson was blowing by Tony Parker at will on his way to 31 points. Add 7 assists, 3 boards, a steal and a block and you can imagine what kind of game he had. If it wasn’t for some quick pull-up jumpers in the 4th, his shot selection would have been awesome as well (it was still good enough, but you know…).

Tim Duncan had a tough time scoring…yes, he finished with 18 points, but he had to put up 19 shots, but his 18 rebounds were huge (6 off). He is still one of the best bigs in the league.

Matt Bonner…seriously…5/8 from downtown. Without his 3 point shooting the Spurs probably would have lost this game (or at least it would have gone to overtime). I still think his shot looks funny, but why change things that work?

What was missing?

Tayshaun Prince couldn’t find his rhythm. He, usually, is a guy who lets the game come to him, but it just couldn’t find him yesterday. He even started playing some point forward to get himself going, but it never worked out. At least he hit the boards hard, but we need more than 8 points from Tay to win a game.

What’s up with Sheed lately? Did you notice that he is hitting his shots early in the game and falls off the radar a few minutes into the game? Just like against the Spurs. He scored the first 5 points in the 1st and only 6 the rest of the way. This just isn’t enough on a night were Prince, Hamilton and Stuckey combined for 14 points.

The real highlight of this game was Maxiell’s And-1 dunk:

Yes, we lost this game, but we were in it til the end even tho only 3 of our 5 starters scored in double digits and our 6th man wasn’t able to score more than 4 points on 10 shots. It was nice seeing that our team is still able to compete against an elite team on an off-night.


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  1. Noa Daniely Says:

    Hey 🙂
    I really like your blog. I read all your Detroit Journal, so cool!! I wish I could be there again, I miss Detroit.
    anyway, you already know me, I talked to you before on facbook. you promissed me that you will talk to me on Skype! lol you told me to remind you to open the skype because you always forget. so here you go, I remind you to open it 😛

    by the way, nice article! 🙂

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