Everything Rasheed Wallace

Everybody and their momma is talking about Sheed’s ejection in New Orleans yesterday so we thought we’ll give you our opinion as well – Q&A-Style.

Why was he ejected?

He got his first technical on a no-call when he felt like he got pushed from behind. After getting subbed out he punched a towel out of the hand of a ball boy and it flew right into the crowd. He got T’d up again and out of frustration he threw another towel at the official (but they don’t fly that far – aerodynamics ‘n’ stuff – so it fell to the floor midway through). On some pages they write he threw the towel at the coach, but that is not true. They probably just want to save him from a long suspension – you know, throwing things at the refs is pretty bad.

But see for yourself (thanks to need4sheed):

Did he throw the towel at the official or at the coach?

Like we said before, at the official. No doubt about it.

Some writers want the Pistons to get rid of Sheed NOW. Is that a good idea?

No, of course it’s not. Why should we do that? Do you think it would teach anyone anything? Sheed isn’t a little kid and we knew what we went for when we got him. This is a business and it’s not your goal to make your team worse (kinda ambivalent). Yes, the whole situation is bad, especially because we could have won this game and we need a win bad, but I prefer to see a motivated over a disinterested Sheed.

You know, every time Sheed got a T and we won the game, he was playing with passion. Every time he got a T and we lost, he lost his cool and everything is his fault. It’s not that easy.

But to answer the question: Are we a better team without Sheed? No. So how should we be better if we waive him?


We all know this team has chemistry issues and I’m pretty sure it would get only worse if we fire Sheed. Agree?

So, what are we supposed to do?

Move Hamilton back into the starting 5, put A.I. on the bench, tell Stuckey to attack the rim again (and don’t look to pass all the time) and tell Sheed he can pass the ball too and not shoot it every time he touches it. They should make a rule for Sheed like: One 3-pt attempt for every 2 shots he makes under the basket. That would be the Sheed I’d like to see.

If A.I. doesn’t want to come off the bench, just tell the media he is injured and he won’t return this season and let him sit out his contract.

Is there something positive we can take out of this incident?

Only if you are a masochist. Otherwise: No.

Do you expect Sheed to have a big statement game against Orlando?

Word is that the NBA rescinded 2 technical fouls he picked up earlier in the season (Dec. 23 Chicago, Feb. 7 Milwaukee) so he will play against Dwight Howard.

If we were talking about Sheed 2004-2005 I’d say he would come out smoking against Orlando, but I’m not sure if Sheed ’09 is capable of delivering statement games anymore. I hope he’ll proof me wrong.


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