Rip Hamilton = Starter + Iverson = 6th man

I hope this will help Detroit to get back on track and finally win some games! It is the right move everybody knows we should have gone to months ago, but it is what it is. At least we do the right thing now.

We read about this on first and you should definitely head over there and read the whole post.

Now, honestly, can you think of one player who would make a better 6th man than Allen ‘The Answer’ Iverson? He will provide the scoring we need and he can find the open man. Maybe he doesn’t like it, but if he handles this like a pro, many GMs probably will be impressed by his willingness to do everything for his team to win.

You and me, people who follow this sport more than most, know that A.I. isn’t (and never really was) this streetballin’ thug – it used to be his image for a long time. This move could throw a new light on him.

BTW: I hope this will give Stuckey the chance to go back to what he did before all the changes. Now that he handles the ball, he should be able to do his thing out there.


One Response to “Rip Hamilton = Starter + Iverson = 6th man”

  1. Mr. “….practice?!?” will be 6th man? Interesting decision.
    More time for gambling 😉

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