Game to watch: Detroit vs Atlanta

Yeah, I know LeBron and Wade are playing at 07:30, but I’ll still give you some reasons to watch the Pistons fight the Hawks in Atlanta tonight. Of course you still won’t watch it, but at least I can say I tried…

Why should I watch this game?

Because the Pistons are back and looking to get home court advantage for the 1st playoff series. They can’t catch Orlando, but they still have a nice shot at the 4th seed in the East and…Atlanta is the current 4th seed.

Miami is the 5th seed standing between those teams, but if you expect Wade to win tonight you are kidding yourself. Everybody has to decide for him/herself who is better: Wade or LeBron, but only one of them actually has teammates he can pass the ball to without thinking twice…

Detroit is riding a nice little 4 game winning streak (including a win over Orlando, Boston and Denver) while Atlanta is riding a 2 game losing streak…but those guys know how to play.

Yeah, we used this one before...but I'm lazy.

Yeah, we used this one before...but I'm lazy.

Who won their last two match-ups?

I’d prefer not to talk about it, but since you asked…

Back in December, Mike Bibby killed the Pistons from downtown – hitting 6 threes and scoring 27 points on 13 shots.

The 2nd game, in early February, it was Johnson who dropped 27 on the Pistons and of all people Ronald Flip Murray scored 23 quick points of the bench…in 28 minutes. A.I. was the only Pistons who showed up that day btw…

Will the Pistons win this time?

Yes, sir. Playing on the road on a nice little winning streak and full of motivation and confidence…they will win this one. Plus, it is uncertain if Josh Smith will play tonight, because of some incidents with his coach lately…actually they are having these incidents for years now, but there isn’t much else to say about the Hawks.


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