Detroit – Orlando Recap, 3/09/2009

Do you remember the way the Pistons always beat the Bulls back in the day when Michael Jordan was coming into his own? Either you saw it live or you have seen various tv shows or YouTube clips about it.

In no way I want to compare Dwight Howard to Michael Jordan, that would be ridiculous, but Howard has a nice shot at becoming one of the best centers of all time…but his way to glory leads through Detroit, just like Jordan’s…

What is it that makes it so tough for Orlando to beat Detroit?

This time it was defense, offensive rebounding and a great team effort. Actually, that is the reason they win almost always when the Magic are up on the Pistons schedule.

  • Rip Hamilton is killing it out there on a nightly basis and when you think he did everything possible, he comes out the next game and surprises you again. That’s just what he does. 29 points including several important points down the stretch and a career high 14 assists. Yes, sir!
  • Antonio McDyess isn’t a fan favorite for nothing. 13 points, making Orlando’s big guys guard him outside the zone because of his smooth jump shot and a game high 18 boards (including 7 offensive rebounds, Orlando had 6…as a team). Way to go, sir.
  • Tayshaun scored 20. It was probably the most beautiful 20 I have seen in a while. He hardly ever tries to take over the game, he just takes what the defense gives him and does what the team needs him to. A joy to watch.
  • Stuckey scored 10 points, dished out 5 assists and crashed the boards for 3 defensive rebounds.
  • Kwame Brown scored 10 points and did a great job on Howard. He used a few of Sheed’s tricks and looked good out there. Guarding Dwight is tough, but he did it. Congrats!
  • The Pistons lost Sheed due to a injury this game and orlando lost Turkoglu moments later.

Well, the Pistons are playing great basketball lately and when Iverson comes back…they will be that much better, you’ll see.


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