Career-high at 34

Between the Lakers beating the Rockets and Dwayne Wade killing Boston some storylines get lost, but don’t worry…that is what we are here for.

Detroit lost to the Knicks yesterday at the Palace of Auburn Hills in overtime. The game was fun to watch even tho the wrong team won in my humble opinion, but that is another story for another day (there was no foul on the three point attempt by Larry Hughes – you know it, I know it, Mr. Nies, Crawford & Clark know it too – but it is what it is).

Antonio McDyess set his career-high for rebounds in this game. 21 points, a career high 22 rebounds and 10 offensive boards (also a career high). He joined an elite circle, there aren’t too many 34 year old guys going for 20-20 games out there, especially not nowadays and not when the other team’s center goes for 18 boards himself.

The Pistons were doing most things better, but they turned the ball over way too often. 15 turnovers compared to the Knicks’ 6…the Pistons grabbed 25(!) more rebounds than the Knicks, but is wasn’t enough. Too bad. Still a great game, tho…

A few other things to point out:

  • Rodney Stuckey with 23 points, 8 assists and 8 boards…awesome! Way to go, Stuck!
  • Tayshaun was swatting some shots and doing a little bit of everything.
  • Maxiell just wasn’t ready for this game. Pretty much every game you see him doing something amazing, you can’t miss him – this time he disappeared.
  • Rip scored a team-high 27 points, but he turned the ball over 8 times following last games’ career-high 14 assists.
  • Amir Johnson lost a jump-ball to Nate Robinson, but made up for it immediately with blocking the Knicks next shot attempt.

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