Pistons beat Raptors in OT

I really thought we won this one in the 3rd quarter, but that is why we watch this games til the end. After the Pistons outscored the Raptors 28 – 12 in the 3rd I was sure we would just cruise to the W.


The Raptors outscored us by 11 in the 4th to get this game to overtime. The game ended with a forced shot by Mensah-Bonsu that Jason Maxiell swatted away and an easy dunk on the other end of the floor…by Jason Maxiell.

Some observations:

  • Chris Bosh showed us his best Kobe Bryant volume shooter impersonation. 31 shots and only 11 found the net. I’m not sure if this is the way to go, but on the Pistons roster Hamilton was actually doing the same so you can’t really blame him. 8 out of 26 for the guy they call Rip.
  • Shawn Marion still has one of the funniest shots I’ve ever seen, but he hits ’em nonetheless…
  • Jose Calderon was playing great – 20 points & 11 assists & 4 steals.
  • Richard Hamilton dished out 16(!) assists in this one, a new career-high after he already set a new one with 14 a few games ago. A guy with a jumpshot like his and those passing skills…man, I hope he can keep this up. A joy to watch!
  • Antonio McDyess and Jason Maxiell scored 16 points each. Dice grabbed 13 boards along the way while Maxiell ate a few babies.
  • Good to see Arron Afflalo getting some minutes lately and taking good advantage of it. He hit two big threes for Detroit.

The only major flaw in our game right now is that we don’t take enough care of the ball. Yes, Rip dished out 16 assists, but he also turned the ball over 6 times (he turned it over 8 times the last game). He is trying too hard to find the open man, but his role is new to all of us – shooting guard coming off screens and playing point guard from time to time. He will get better at it even tho he should stick to what he does best and let Stuckey run the show, but I’m fine with it as long as we win…


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