Pistons – Mavericks Preview 03/17/2009

We usually don’t write previews, because in 95% of them you are pretty much wrong about everything other than maybe guessing the winner. Anyway, today we will give it a shot, because some things are so obvious that they just will happen.

Rodney Stuckey will score 20+ points tonight

Rodney had a hard time in February and parts of March with doing what he is supposed to do – attack the rim and make things happen. In his last 28 games he only scored 20+ points twice. Yeah, you read that right. In ten of those games he scored 8 or less points.

Why will that change tonight? Because Dallas can’t prevent quick guards from taking them apart and that is what Stuckey can do best. Ason Kidd (you know the old joke about him having no J) can’t stay in front of him and Terry isn’t nearly strong enough to prevent Rodney from getting into good scoring positions.

If Will Bynum gets some minutes (and he should), Dallas will see our very own Tasmanian Devil. He is a bundle of energy waiting to explode on someone’s defense.


Dallas won the last game

Yeah, but how does that help the Pistons? Oh, we never forget, baby. They blew us out by 20 points by hitting every shot at the Palace of Auburn Hills. We don’t need more motivation than that. The loss hurt, because it was the time A.I. used to start for us and we won two in a row before that – which hasn’t happened for weeks.

If you see the Pistons playing with some little extra motivation, you know why.

Less turnovers, Rip

Rip set a new career-high in assists twice in the last few days and he is doing a great job distributing the ball, but sometimes he tries too hard and turns the ball over. He is getting better at it and you can see him progress. He still scores, but his shooting percentage is a bit down. For the future of this team, Rodney should start dishing out assists and running the offense again and Rip should go to what he does best – moving without the ball and getting to the right spot for his jumpshot…but that’s just my humble opinion.

Playoff race

Dallas has won .600 of it’s games while Detroit is one game over .500 and both are still fighting for a playoff spot. If the playoffs started today, Dallas would be the 8th seed in the West while Detroit would be the 7th seed in the East. Funny, isn’t it? Okay, probably not so much if you root for a team like Phoenix that could miss the playoffs completely even tho it would be the 6th seed in the East.

This game won’t be a walk in the park, it could easily turn into a playoff atmosphere match-up, because both teams need this W bad. Dallas has the reputation of being soft and when it gets rough, my money is on Detroit.


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