Pistons can’t handle the Heat

I would go as far as calling this one of the best games I have seen the Pistons play all year. Had it all: scoring, defense, drama, last second heroics…

Too bad that we lost, but as long as the effort is there everything is alright. We’ll get them next time. We could have pulled this one out if it wasn’t for one or two bad bounces in the Heat’s direction and a few bad calls. Don’t get upset about the referees here, everybody knows that superstars get all the whistles their way, just live with the effort.



  • I’m the 1st guy to tell you that Dwyane Wade doesn’t belong into the MVP debate, because his team isn’t good enough, but after today…well, it is hard to deny that this guy is special. Not like all-star special, nope, more like Hall of Fame, ‘one-of-the-best-scorers-to-ever-lace-’em-up‘-special. You got to give respect where respect is due. 39 points, 6 assists and 4 blocks. Total game-changer. He single-handedly won this game on both ends of the floor.
  • Lady Luck shined on the Heat today. They were lucky more times than not in the final minute of the game. Jermaine O’Neal’s jumper with 1 second left on the shot clock, Jermaine’s follow-up that pretty much was offensive goaltending not being called, the way Haslem got the elbow jumper and the bad bounce of O’Neal’s hands after the in-bounds pass…man…them not being lucky on one of those possessions would have been a W for us.
  • Everybody has heard of Jamario Moon by now (or seen him on YouTube), but I didn’t know he could shoot threes like that. 3/5 and one bigger than the other. Sick!
In your face!

In your face!

  • We won the rebound war 36-29 thanks to McDyess and Jason Maxiell. Dyess grabbed a game-high 12 boards while Maxiell just crashed the offensive board – 6 out of his 7 rebounds kept possession alive for us. One rebound by Jason was unreal – the way he extended his arm to get it reminded me of the famous Dwight Howard alley-oop…
  • Speaking of Jason Maxiell: His two blocks against Jermaine O’Neal (or what is still left of him) were breath-taking! Maxiell is a bad, bad man.
  • Rodney Stuckey showed the world that he is ready to take over. What a game by Stuck! He wasn’t the best #3 on the court tonight, but he held his own against a top 3 active player. 24 points – doing it all! Driving to the rim, hitting jump-shots – if only the whistles weren’t going the wrong way…
Good call, ref, good call!

"Good call, ref, good call!"

  • Michael Curry put Walter Herrmann into the game with a few seconds left to stretch the floor for a Stuckey drive to the hoop to get the lead back. Well, Stuckey drove and chose to pass it out to Herrmann who had an opportunity like this already twice this season and couldn’t take advantage of it…til today! Walter hit a big corner three to give us the lead! The crowd absolutely loved it.
  • Miami got their 1st lead in the 4th quarter. We let them hang around for too long and they burned us in the end. Too bad…
  • Kwame Brown – I can’t praise him enough. Maybe he is finally blossoming?  He played good against Yao, even better against the Clippers a few days later and now he delivered the goods against the Heat. A tied game-high +10 plus/minus and a few awesome moves in the post that totally surprised Jermaine O’Neal. Way to go, Kwame!
One call away...

One call away...

  • I got used to superstars getting the calls when the game is close (even tho I don’t like it, but it is what it is), but why not be consistent on both ends of the floor at least? If Stuckey would have done that to Wade – Wade would be shooting free throws. No doubt about it.

2 Responses to “Pistons can’t handle the Heat”

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  2. this year the pistons and the heat are the worth teams in the nba, the only team had a good summer is toronto raptors because no one can handle hedo.

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