NBA Career Leaders – Assists – this season

Like every NBA stat geek and probably a lot of long-time NBA fans know, this category has John Stockton written all over it. Actually, it is his category – they should rename assists into stocktons…even sounds better.

  1. John Stockton – 15.806
  2. Mark Jackson – 10.334
  3. Magic Johnson – 10.141
  4. Jason Kidd – 10.079
  5. Oscar Robertson – 9.887


Our spotlight in this category is on Jason Kidd who is only 62 assists shy of Magic Johnson. Impressive, isn’t it? Will Kidd overtake him this season? Hard to tell, but looking at his season assists average of 8.3 – it is possible. The Mavericks have 12 games left and if Kidd plays in all of them, he would get another 99.6 assists at this rate. Dallas is still fighting for a playoff spot so we can expect him to compete every night.

Magic Johnson…wow…

Looking at Stockton’s 15k assists…he is to assists what Kareem is to scoring…maybe even more. 5.5k assists more than the #2 on our list. Ridiculous…

Another active player is also in the top 10: Steve Nash. At 7.374 assists, he is only 18 assists shy of #9 Maurice Cheeks. He is a sure thing to overtake Cheeks in the next few games.

Now it gets really messed up. There is only one other active player in the top 25 in assists. Can you guess who it is? Yeah, right…Stephon Marbury. No, I’m not kidding you. His 6.431 assists make him #22 on this list, only 45 assists shy of #19, Hall of Famer Nate ‘Tiny’ Archibald.

Andre Miller (#30) and Allen Iverson (#36) are the only other active players in the top 50. Baron Davis is sitting at #51 right now and Mike Bibby is #53. Baron will probably crack the top 50 til season’s end while Bibby probably will have to wait for next season.


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