NBA Career Leaders – Rebounds – this season

Finally we have arrived where the big boys play. Rebounds. Boards. There are many sayings starting with ‘Who controls the boards…‘ and ending with something like ‘…controls the pace of the game‘ or something similar.

As you will see it is awfully hard to crack the top 10 in this category, because the game has changed so much. Nobody will ever get close to Wilt’s 23.924 boards.

  1. Wilt Chamberlain – 23.924
  2. Bill Russell – 21.620
  3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – 17.440
  4. Elvin Hayes – 16.279
  5. Moses Malone – 16.212

You can see a few things when you take a look at this stats. Scoring and rebounding are close. Wilt, Kareem, Moses Malone…all-time great scorers. Anyway, because the pace of the games is different and the possessions are a bit more than just get the ball down low and crash the boards it got harder to get as many rebounds as it was 50 years ago.

Out first two active players in this category come in as 16th and 18th and are a combined 79 years old. Yup, Shaquille O’Neal (#16) and Dikembe Mutombo (#18). Shaq grabbed 12.465 boards in his career while Dikembe went for 12.340. Shaquille will probably finish this season as #15 when he overtakes Charles Barkley. You never know with Mutombo, because of his limited minutes, but he should get the necessary 18 boards to overtake Paul Silas for #17.

One more active player is in the top 25: Kevin Garnett. (Soon back in action.) The first active guy who will probably play several more years sits at #22 with 11.672 rebounds. He will definitely crack the top 20 next season (btw: Dennis Rodman sits at #20 right now).

Tim Duncan (#30) and Ben Wallace (#41) are the only other players in the top 50. Timmy has a pretty good shot at #28 til the end of this season – 80 rebounds in 12 games…not impossible for Tim Duncan who is averaging a bit more than 10 rebounds/game.

Kiss the rim

Kiss the rim

Let’s take a quick look at Dwight Howard who has a good shot to crack the top 10 if he stays healthy enough trough-out his whole career. Right now, he sits at #208 with 4.946 rebounds. He will probably crack 5k rebounds for his career til the end of the season.

Looking at his career average of 12.5 rebounds/game we need to modify it a bit. He went for 14.2 boards/game last season and is averaging 13.9 rebounds/game this season. For future results I’ll go with 13.5 rebounds/game which should be realistic (or not much worse than what he will really put up). That would give him 1.107 rebounds per season. He would need to keep that up for 8 years to crack the top 10.


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