Detroit Pistons – Next 11 Games

Here is the up-coming schedule (Detroit’s last 11 games of the season):

  • 03/28, @ Washington
  • 03/29, Philadelphia
  • 03/31, @ Cleveland
  • 04/01, @ New Jersey
  • 04/04, @ Philadelphia
  • 04/05, Charlotte
  • 04/08, @ New York
  • 04/10, New Jersey
  • 04/11, @ Indiana
  • 04/13, Chicago
  • 04/15, @ Miami

Detroit is currently the 8th seed in the East (tied with Chicago for the 7th seed actually) and only 2.5 games ahead of the Charlotte Bobcats. The 6th seed, Philly, is 3 games ahead of Detroit.

It is easy to see that the Pistons have some serious issues and that their last 11 games are really important. The Playoffs aren’t a sure thing this time around.

The Pistons have 7 games away from home and only 4 at the Palace til the season is over. This shouldn’t be a major problem, because the Pistons have a losing record at home anyway. Yeah…something to be proud of…

Out of their last 11 games, they play 4 against direct competition (Philadelphia 2x, 1x Charlotte, 1x Chicago). The game against Charlotte is obviously the biggest one, but wins against Philly and Chicago would be very helpful in securing a playoff spot.

...good old times...

...good old times...

The Pistons of days past would be smiling at the schedule – only one game against a contender (Cleveland) and two other games against teams slightly above .500 (Miami, Chicago). This year we have to fight for it.

No matter what happens, Detroit isn’t your typical 7th or 8th seed and even with the struggles they are going through right now, I’m pretty sure the top teams would rather avoid facing them.


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