Pistons vs 76ers Recap, 03/29/2009

This win was a total team effort – you can’t credit just one guy, they took turns at carrying the team. Prince put the team on his back in the 1st half (especially at the end of the 2nd quarter), Stuckey carried us through the 3rd quarter, Bynum opened the 4th with a big effort and Rip Hamilton came in and played the role of the closer.

Your Starting Backcourt

Your Starting Backcourt

  • Allen Iverson finally returned from his injury and I think that a lot of fans owe him an apology. All the talk about his faked back injury and that he would never return to come off the bench for us…he is back and you could see that he was still in pain. He still scored 8 points and dished out a couple assists. Welcome back, A.I.!
  • Tayshaun Prince was big in the 1st half – he scored 19 points in the first two quarters on his way to a team-high 21 points on only 11 shots. Tay also finished with a game-high +18 +/-.
  • I was joking a bit about the two offensive juggernauts Kwame Brown and Samuel Dalembert going at each other in this one, but I have to apologize to Kwame for that one. 13 points in 22 minutes. Well done!
Bynum scored 9 points in the 4th quarter

Bynum scored 9 points in the 4th quarter

  • Bynum had the hot hand at the beginning of the 4th scoring 9 points, most of them coming on mid-range jumpers. He was simply feeling it.
  • Rodney Stuckey carried the Pistons through the 3rd quarter – scoring 12 of his 16 points. Philly was ahead by 4 with 7:57 in the 3rd to go when Stuckey decided it was time to go on a 8-0 run of his own and get the Pistons up by 4.
  • The 76ers were surprisingly good yesterday. I knew they are a good team, but I didn’t know how good they really are. Igoudala looked like LeBron light out there, getting to the rim at will and hitting shots from downtown. 27 points, 7 boards and 5 assists. Is there more to say?
'The Closer'

'The Closer'

  • Richard Hamilton replaced Allen Iverson on the court with 3:17 to go in the 4th. He scored the next (and also last) 4 points for Detroit!

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