Will Bynum proves Rick Kamla wrong

You have read about Will Bynum’s heroics yesterday in the Pistons’ most important game of the season – 32 points, a franchise record 26 in the 4th quarter on perfect 6/6 shooting from the field and maybe…just maybe, you have read or seen something by Rick Kamla somewhere on the nba.com page. He said something about Will Bynum getting Allen Iverson’s minutes…

If you want to see the whole “Rick Rant’s” video, go here.


6 Responses to “Will Bynum proves Rick Kamla wrong”

  1. Yeah Will, show em how it’s done, been repping you for a few months now.

  2. Rick is so stupid altogether. Go Will!

  3. Yea, Bynum playing good on a bad team proves Rick wrong.


    Look, we barely beat a Bobcat team at home while they didn’t have one of their most important players(Raja). We lost to Philly and they were without Young and we were beat by Jersey a team decimated and who has already given up the season.

    Being excited about a 5’6 PG who has some good games is pathetic.

  4. go Bynum, go!

    Nobody is listening to Kamla!

  5. @ Randy:

    I’m not sure you got our point. It’s not about Will playing good on a bad team or whatever, it’s about Kamla hating on Bynum. He is disrespecting him on nba.com. Why? Because he is playing good? Because Iverson wasn’t able to live up to the expectations?

    You shouldn’t do that and look at the stats, Bynum outplayed Iverson in several games. I’m not trying to take anything away from Iverson (I wish he would have done good on the Pistons roster), but don’t go out there and hate on a guy who is making a name for himself right now.

    BTW: Do you really call a 26 point 4th quarter just a “good game”? Especially in the Pistons’ most important win that pretty much secured them a playoff spot? Are you sure you aren’t downplaying this a bit?

  6. I agree with Randy:
    Playing 26 points in 4th quarter on Playstation may be good work.

    Who knows?

    Randy being Rick Kamla fan club chairman? 😉

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