Pistons vs Cavaliers – Preview

Everybody knows that Cleveland will win this series, but you know…stranger things happened like the Hawks taking last year’s champs to a game 7 or Tyrus Thomas developing a jump-shot. Let’s start with the match-ups:

Rodney Stuckey – Mo Williams


Advantage: Cleveland

Why? See, I’m a big Stuckey fan and I think he will have a great game or two in this series (if he goes to the rim hard -> free throws), but Mo Williams is one of the main reasons the Cavaliers are as good as they are. Back when he was playing for Milwaukee, you could see Mo Williams was a great player, but he really started doing his thing in LeBron-land. He is a terrific shooter and there is no way Detroit will guard LeBron 1-on-1 all the time…

Richard Hamilton – Delonte West


Advantage: Detroit

This is obvious, isn’t it? Rip is one of the best shooters the NBA has right now and he will be Detroit’s 1st scoring option. People tend to think that Delonte is coming into his own right now, but that not necessarily the truth. Check his history. He always had good stretches and disappeared again…don’t wonder if you don’t notice him too much on Cleveland’s way to the Finals.

Tayshaun Prince – LeBron James


Advantage: Detroit…okay, okay, I just wanted to see if you are paying attention – Cleveland

It’s LeBron. Is there more to say? I always thought that Prince was one of the better defenders when it comes to guarding LeBron James, but than Game 5 of the 2007 Playoffs happened…but that isn’t on Prince alone, it was a team non-effort…

Antonio McDyess – Anderson Varejao


Advantage: Detroit

Why? Both are hustle players, provide energy, fight for loose balls and crash the boards, but only one of those two can shoot from mid-range and doesn’t flop when you look at him.

Rasheed Wallace – Zydrunas Ilgauskas


Advantage: No clue

If Sheed shows up, I’d go with Detroit. If he doesn’t, good for Big Z.

It is a bit closer than i thought it would be, but the fact that the Cavaliers grew into a real team while Detroit changed line-ups on a daily basis is a very big factor here. I don’t expect the Cavaliers to sweep the Pistons like most people do, but this year Cleveland looks much better than Detroit.

If Cleveland looks past Detroit already, they will be in for a major surprise, but I’m pretty sure LeBron won’t let that happen.

Still, it’s a best-of-7 series and stranger things have happened…you never know…


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