Celtics vs Bulls Game 1 – Quick Recap


  • Derrick Rose is the future of Chicago basketball. What a way to start your playoff career. Way to go, young fella!
  • Brad Miller is just awful. Has anyone ever played worse on a playoff team? He is helping the Celtics way more than he is helping the Bulls. He can’t guard anyone, he can’t shoot, he is always passing to Noah who isn’t in a scoring position, he is slow…just awful…get rid of him! Now!
  • Ben Gordon is as trigger-happy as ever – he can be lethal, but he can also just brick ’em with the best of them.
  • Rajon Rondo is awesome. This was an awesome to watch battle of two great young point guards.
  • I liked the three pointers Paul Pierce nailed to start the 2nd half. He won’t let the Bulls win this one. No way.
  • The nearly flagrant foul Powe commited on Noah was pretty brutal, but it was just a normal shooting foul. Playoffs, baby. 🙂

Here are the last 2 minutes:

  • Ben Gordon hit a tough fall-away, inside-out, step-back shot and got the foul – and 1! WOW!
  • Hinrich with the steal and Tyrus Thomas finishes the fastbreak on his own. He really improved his game. The one fastbreak earlier where he found Salmons…very nice for a big guy.
  • Rondo shooting 2 after a Tyurs Thomas blocking foul. 2/2 -> 1 point game (Bulls lead 91-90).
  • Ben Gordon hits another shot…well defended, but good offense beats good defense, I guess. Is he becoming a closer finally?
  • Rose fouls Big baby on his way to the basket. 2 free throws for Davis. Tony Allen gets in for Ray Allen…c’mon…Big baby made both btw.
  • 1 minute to go!
  • Rose misses a tough lay-up and Noah’s tip also misses. Paul Pierce gets his defender up in the air and gets the foul call – free throws. Ties the game with the 1st, gets the lead with the 2nd shot. Pierce is just clutch.
  • 37.4 seconds to go! Celtics 94 – 93 Bulls
  • Who will step up?
  • Rose hits another tough layup and makes it look really easy. He is just crazy good. No matter what happens next, the future looks bright in Chicago.
  • 31 seconds to go, Bulls lead by 1
  • Ray Allen misses a 3, Rondo gets the rebounds and hits a sweet jump hook to get the 1 point lead.
  • 22 seconds left, Celtics lead by 1 (95 – 96)
  • Chicago nearly lost the ball, but the refs changed the call – Chicago ball with 12 seconds to go
  • Rondo fouls Rose while trying to prevent him from getting the pass – very bad timing for a foul.
  • 9.4 seconds left, Rose hits his first free throw…this guy is just cool…
  • Marbury gets in for Rondo? What? Are you kidding me?
  • Rose hits the 2nd free throw. He set a record for most points by a rookie in his playoff debut. Wow! Timeout Celtics.
  • Still 9.4 seconds left, Chicago up by 1 – Rondo is back in the game
  • Paul Pierce gets the ball, gets up in the air and gets fouled by Noah with 2.6 seconds left. Worse foul than the one by Rondo. No timeouts for Chicago btw.
  • Pierce makes the 1st shot. Tied game! 97 – 97!
  • If he hits this shot, the game is over.
  • In & Out! OVERTIME!

Guys, watch this game. Whatever you are doing right now – if it isn’t watching the game, stop it and turn on the TV! Amazing game.

Here we go, OVERTIME:

  • 5 minutes. What a way to start the playoffs. Whoever made the schedule -> good choice!
  • Celtics ball.
  • Big Baby scores a quick 2.
  • Ray Allen blocks Ben Gordon and fumbles the ball on the way to the other side of the court. Too bad…
  • Tyrus Thomas hits a jumpshot. Crazy. He couldn’t shoot at all last season and know he seems to be comfortable with his shot. Progress.
  • Salmons gets the Bulls up by 2.
  • Cleveland is up by 6 right now, btw. Looking forward to watching the Pistons play after this overtime game.
  • Rondo throws the ball out of bounds, because Perkins wasn’t paying attention.
  • 2:20 to go, Bulls up 101 – 99
  • Hello Paul Pierce, good you showed up.
  • 1:03 to go, tied game – what a game – 103 – 103
  • Tyrus Thomas hits another jumpshot. Are you kidding me?
  • Big Baby fouled out.
  • 32.6 seconds to go, Bulls lead by 2
  • 11.6 seconds to go, Bulls still up by 2 – Celtics ball
  • Rose fouls out after a fake hand-off by Rondo. Bad call. This is not a playoff foul call. There was hardly any contact.
  • Pierce wastes some time and Ray Allen misses a contested jumpshot.
  • Game over! Bulls take game 1!

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