NBA Playoffs – Day 1 YouTube Recap – 04/18/2009

A very nice way to start the playoffs. The Celtics – Bulls Overtime Thriller, LeBron James doing his thing as usual, the Mavericks earning a win in San Antonio and the Rockets dismantling the Blazers.

Celtics – Bulls – Game 1

The best game was the 1st one and the series will only get better from here on out. Is Derrick Rose able to give us an encore to his rookie playoff record setting performance? 36 points and 11 assists – one of a kind playoff debut.

Game 1 Derrick Rose Highlights

The young fella is incredible. Give him just a little space and he will find a way to finish at the rim…or he will bury a shot right in your face…he doesn’t care, he’ll get his either way. Are the Bulls able to win even if Rose doesn’t score 30+? We’ll see on Monday.

Cavaliers – Pistons – Game 1

I got tired of hearing the national media talking about how the Cavs will sweep the Pistons and demolish them without breaking a sweat. Guess what…that’s exactly what happened.

Game 1 LeBron James Highlights

38 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists and 1 steal for the Chosen One. Another day at the office, I guess…

Spurs vs. Mavericks – Game 1

The Spurs grabbed an 11-point lead after the 1st quarter, but it only went downhill from there. It was all Mavericks til the end. They tied the game after the 3rd quarter and outscored Tim Duncan’s team 31 – 23 in the 4th.

Spurs – Mavs Game 1 Highlight

Losing Ginobili really hurts the Spurs. This would have ended differently with a healthy Manu. Anyway, the Mavs had too many players stepping up their game tonight. 3 guys off the bench scored in double figures – Brandon Bass, JJ Barea and Jason Terry.

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker did what they had to do (27 and 24 points respectively), but they sure need one more guy to step up now that Manu is out.

Blazers vs. Rockets – Game 1

If you thought the Cavaliers 18 point blowout victory over the Pistons was something else, you have no idea. The Rockets destroyed the Blazers by 27(!). Yao Ming & Co. grabbed an early 11 point lead, but they weren’t feeling like giving it up (see San Antonio Spurs Game 1). They preferred to outscore the Blazers by 7 in the 2nd quarter as well.

Down 18 at halftime, the Blazers only managed to score 14 points in the 3rd quarter – not nearly enough. This game was rather hard to watch if you are a Blazers fan.

Rockets – Blazers Game 1 Highlights

…Jalen Rose analyzes


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