NBA Playoffs – Day 2 YouTube Recap – 04/19/2009

Day 2 of the Playoffs didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t as spectacular as the 1st day with the Celtics – Bulls overtime thriller, but it was far from boring.

Lakers – Jazz – Game 1

113 – 100

This game was everything we thought it would be – a Lakers victory, nearly a blowout, the Lakers were never in danger of losing the game. Kobe started of distributing the ball by dishing out 4 assists before he even scored a point, but he still got himself a team-high 24 points.

Trevor Ariza stepped his game up by scoring 21 points – he punished the Jazz for every double team on Kobe or Pau. Carlos Boozer brought his A-game and scored a game-high 27 points while Deron Williams scored 16 and added 17 assists. They still lost by 13…

Magic – 76ers – Game 1

100 – 98

This was probably the best game to watch. The 76ers came out of the gate firing, not looking intimidated at all. They beat the Magic on their ground by doing what the Magic usually do best – 3-point shooting. The 76ers bench made 7 threes. Dwight Howard was the only Magic player who scored more than 18 points – he was good for 31 points and 16 boards.

The game was tied 98 – 98 with 12.4 seconds to go. Here is what happened next:

NBA Playoffs – Where Andre Igoudala happens.

Hawks – Heat – Game 1

90 – 64

WOW. Just WOW. 64 points? This has to be some kind of record. Here is the Heat’s scoring for each quarter: 21 – 18 – 18 – 7. 7 4th quarter points? 7?! The Hawks had 6 players in double digits while the Heat only had Wade (19) and Beasley (10).

Why were the Hawks able to win by such a big margin? They went under the screens on pick & rolls and defended the drive. They took away what the Heat do best – they made them shoot jumpers all night long.

And when they were able to attack the rim, this happened:

The Hawks look like the Heat’s worst nightmare. A long, athletic team that can prevent you from driving to the hoop and block shots left and right. The Heat have to change their whole game plan…and it probably still won’t be enough.

Dunk On U

Nuggets – Hornets – Game 1

113 – 84

Chauncey Billups – Chauncey Billups – Chauncey Billups! With each passing day the Allen Iverson – Chauncey Billups trade looks better and better for Denver. 36 points on 8/9 3-point shooting and a team-high 8 assists. WOW! So much for Chris Paul dominating. Don’t get me wrong, Cp3 was the only Hornet who showed up ready to play. Kenyon Martin totally took David West out of the game and the Nuggets were just red-hot. J.R. Smith missed all of his 7 three-point attempts, but still finished with 19 points – the Nuggets finished the game with a 50.7% FG-% and a 52.4% 3pt-% overall.

Mr. Big Shot


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