Is Courtney Lee the 2nd coming of Rip Hamilton?

Yeah, I know what you are thinking: Just because they both wear masks to protect their face and play shooting guard, they aren’t the same kind of player. True. But if you have seen game 4 of the Boston Celtics – Orlando Magic game you will agree with me on the following:

  • Both have a very nice pull-up jumpshot they can drop on their opponents any time they have a decent look.
  • If you don’t believe me, check the following video at 1:38 and 1:44:
  • They are quick defenders and have a physical advantage against most other guards (Lee – strength & speed, Hamilton – height).

One big part is missing, of course: the moving without the ball and coming off screens to bury deep jumpers, but Lee will get those if he stays consistent with his mid-range game for another year.

Comparing their rookie season stats, Lee is actually better, but you can’t compare those numbers – too many factors like teammates, minutes and off the court stuff have to be considered.

Anyway, Lee is scoring 0.6 points less, but on way more effective shooting (.450 FG%, .404 3pt%). It is too early to tell how good Courtney Lee can be, but a comparison to All-Star guard Richard ‘Rip’ Hamilton is probably just the beginning…


One Response to “Is Courtney Lee the 2nd coming of Rip Hamilton?”

  1. Great post. Keep it up. Im a dedicated athlete myself and i love your blog.

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