Growing tired of Mark Cuban

I still can remember the day I read about Mark Cuban for the first time. A passionate owner, a real fan having his own team and bleeding their colors – how cool is that? The thought still gets me excited, because he is living the dream of many sports fans out there.

He really tried to change the game, pointing out flaws and showing ways to do it better while also sharing his thoughts with basketball fans all over the world on his blog. I don’t know of course, but I still like to think that he once or twice just wrote/said something for the lone reason to upset David Stern.

Today I read about Mark Cuban calling Kenyon Martin a thug, actually telling K-Mart’s mom that her son is a thug. (If you want to read more about that, click here.) My first thought was: “Oh, here we go again…“. I don’t know when I grew tired of Mark Cuban’s act, because I still think I should like what he is trying to do…but I can’t.

First question I asked myself: Did Mark become a cry-baby over the years? Always hearing somebody complain makes you expect him to do so and that leads to a bad image, I guess. That shouldn’t be the case, because on most things he has a very good point, but still…something has changed.

Is it the way he handles things? Going to the media every chance he gets? Attention whore? No, not really, he isn’t nearly enough in the media to be considered an attention whore.

Is it the fact that he told K-Mart’s mother that her son is a thug? Kinda crossing a line there. No big deal, but it tells you a lot about him. Here he is, a 50 year old billionaire, talking to a player’s mom – is that…normal? No, not really. I think for me it was the day when he started feuding with J.R. Smith, but I don’t know what changed exactly.

I’d prefer a guy like Cuban to lead my favorite team over any owner out there. Not afraid to call things out, like when he criticized Dwayne Wade’s performance in the NBA Finals 2006 back in the day. Everybody sports fan should love to have an owner like that, but still…something changed…


One Response to “Growing tired of Mark Cuban”

  1. Great post. Keep it up. Im a dedicated athlete myself and i love your blog.

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