How about Elton Brand, Detroit?

According to various pages on the web (I’m looking at you ESPN, Hoopshype and the other usual suspects) Elton Brand is definitely on the trading block. Well, I never was shy to say that I don’t like Carlos Boozer – I don’t think he fits the Pistons style and, way worse, he is evil – yeah, evil. Just look at that guy and what he has done so far (see: Cleveland). Just a bad character and we should keep those guys out of town, don’t you think so?


Of course there is a difference in going after a free agent and trading for somebody, but it’s still a no-brainer to me. Contract-wise, it would be pretty much the same. Brand has a long contract worth $ 13.7 mil/year. Do you think Boozer would sign for less? Yeah, it’s a bad economy and stuff, but we ain’t talking about Darko Milicic here (who is earning $ 7 mil/year, btw). Both can put up 20/10 any given night, but the big difference is this one right here:

Elton Brand has something to proof! That is exactly the mentality the Pistons need and the way of thinking I’m missing in the last few years. Our championship squad back in the day had something to proof. Guys who were traded often (see: Chauncey Billups), guys who were overlooked for several reasons (see: Tayshaun Prince) and so on and so on. After winning and cruising through the next season our guys took everything for granted – but it’s not. Brand had a great career, but he couldn’t live up to what was expected of him in Philly (injuries, bad rotation, didn’t fit the style – choose one or several of those reasons) – and now he is on the block after signing a big contract.

This guy has to have a mindset of destroying everybody around him and proving every doubter wrong. That’s the guy I want to have on my team!


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