Ben Gordon & Charlie Villanueva

First, here are the facts:

Ben Gordon agreed to a deal that is worth about $ 58 mil/5 years and Charlie Villanueva agreed to a deal that will pay him $ 40 mil/5 years. That is about $100 mil in the next 5 years for the Detroit Pistons so Gordon and Villanueva better bring their A game.

I’m not sure if I like this or not. Throwing big money at Ben Gordon when we could probably got him for less doesn’t bother me too much, but are those two guys really worth an investment like this? Will they turn our team around and get us through the 1st round of the playoffs? I don’t see it. We desperately need a big man who can put the ball in the basket and Charlie Villanueva could fill that hole. He won’t score 20 a night, but he is a threat around the hoop at least.

But what is up with Joe D and his new found love for undersized volume shooters? Is a guy who is taking 25 shots a game while only scoring on 40% of them really worth $11-12 mil a year? Did his 1st round performance against the Celtics really put him that much over the top? I think Joe is still riding this “we need somebody to trade baskets with the other teams superstar in the final minutes“-wave (he got that after LeBron destroyed us in the game that shall not be named a few years back – scoring like the last 25 points for the Cavs – you know what I’m talking about). We used to be a team that didn’t need anyone to step up in the final seconds, because we took care of business early and cruised to victory. Once upon a time, when we did need somebody to step up, there was this guy called “Mr. Big Shot” – they didn’t give him that nickname for nothing.

Can't wait for the 1st Pistons - Bulls game

Can't wait for the next Pistons - Bulls game

Now, times have changed. Ben Gordon will be our starting shooting guard (yeah, I know he is saying he will come off the bench, be our 6th man ‘n’ stuff – but just wait til we hit our first 3 games losing streak)…so…what will happen with Rip? Rip has a big contract and those are hard to get rid off nowadays. Will they move him to small forward and trade Tayshaun? Well, looking at the draft and the Tayshaun-clone we drafted in the 1st round – could be. Would I like that? Hell no. Would I prefer a Rip trade? No, I’d like to have both guys around, but that won’t happen. We still need a big man and now we are limited to trading, because we threw our cap space away in a single day. Joe D could have at least pretended to be taking a look at David Lee and let the Knicks match the offer or whatever, but you know what they say in NY…it is what it is.


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