He is gone. I would feel better if he wasn’t headed to Boston, but if there is no sudden change of heart (see: Turkoglu, Hedo), Sheed will suit up in a green jersey next season.

The funny thing about Sheed is that he actually is the Detroit Pistons of the last few years in a way. Falling asleep on the court from time to time, struggles to find motivation day in and day out, thinks he can switch it on at any time and, too bad but it is true, he often just disappears when we need him the most. Still, he is unique – there is nobody with his set of skills out there and he is hilarious – a joy to watch and to listen to so you better look forward to that, Boston fans (I heard your bandwagon got bigger since KG arrived so there should be enough room for some of Sheed’s fanbase – not me, tho).

It’s always hard to see one of “your” guys leave for a rival team, but this is a business after all – I would take the best offer too, so I can’t blame Sheed. We took him for granted and didn’t give him the feeling that we want him here (because we don’t – rebuilding ‘n’ stuff), but it is only human to go where people want you to be around. The Celtics know why they send their big 3 over to woo Sheed – it worked. I wouldn’t want to work somewhere where people doubt me and I don’t feel appreciated.

Sheed, I know you won’t read this, but anyway: thanks for the memories (and one title – yeah, what up!) and I wish you only the best in Boston.


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