Detroit – what’s next?

The Summer League was nothing short of spectacular to this point. I didn’t expect that pretty much every draft pick would amaze me, but you know…it is what it is. DaJuan Summers is a beast, a man among boys if you will, and he looks NBA-ready to me – at least more NBA-ready than ~ 99% of the other Summer League guys. Can’t wait to see him in a real NBA game.

Austin Daye has so much upside/potential – if he gets to 50% of what he is able to be, he will be a starter in this league. At 6-11 he can do so many things – shoot, handle the rock, initiate pick-and-rolls…can you imagine what a good coach can do with a guy like Daye on the field? Amazing…

Deron Washington was drafted last year, but still…he is a freak of nature – there aren’t many as athletic guys in this league.  Jonas Jerebko is the only guy I really can’t say much about.

But what is up next for Motown? A big guy. We need a big body, because Kwame being your starting center is a guaranteed 50 loss season…if everything else is nearly perfect – otherwise we’ll lose even more games. Detroit is looking at Chris Wilcox, Rasho Nesterovic, Drew Gooden and Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis according to most rumor pages on the web. There is some chatter about signing Ben Wallace, but I don’t see it – unless he is willing to play for free.

I really like what Wilcox brings to the table. He is an energy guy that can dunk and block big time, a guy that gets the crowd into the game and is always ready to give you 110%. I’m not sure how good a help defender he is, but with his athletic ability and presence he will definitely alter some shots. He gives you 9 points and 5 boards per 20 minutes which isn’t too good, but if you look at the seasons he got about 30 minutes per game he delivered about 14 points and 8 rebounds – acceptable.

Rasho Nesterovic – gives you about the same numbers, but he is a totally different kind of player. He prefers to shoot mid-range jumpers although he got some skills around the hoop. Anyway, I’m tired of post-players that prefer to shoot jumpers (got it?), give me somebody who can finish with authority.

Glen Davis won’t happen, because he is a restricted free agent and Boston will probably match.

Drew Gooden? Well, Drew is giving you the same numbers. He got more minutes and played more, but if you reduce his minutes he gives you about the same. Drew is the most skilled guy out of all these players (but Big Baby – too bad he is a restricted free agent) and he wouldn’t be a bad choice. To me he looks like a good locker room guy as well.

If I was Joe D, who would I go after? 1st choice: Chris Wilcox. 2nd choice: Drew Gooden.


One Response to “Detroit – what’s next?”

  1. I was excited to see some of the Pistons youth in summer league.

    I thought Daye looked excellent, he’ll be very good player if he keeps his head down and keeps working. I was a big fan of Jerebko too, a scrappy combo-forward, reminds me a bit of Jorge Garbajosa. Good defender, rebounds, will fight for every inch, and some of his perimeter skills (handle, passing) were starting to come out near the end of SL, I think we’ll see more of that in the future. Deron Washington looked a solid player too. I didn’t get to see him defend a talented opposing wing, so I’m unsure of how good his defense is (definitely above average, but slightly above average or very good or excellent?), which will be a deciding factor in how many minutes he’ll deserve. Very good rebounder and a good offensive player though, so he’s good role player from day one.

    I wasn’t as high on DaJuan Summers. He’s definitely an NBA player, but I’m not sold that he’s a rotation quality guy. I find his lack of rebounding very troubling, it hurts him when he tries to play the four. Secondly, I thought he was up and down with his jump shot and was inefficient offensively overall. Summers definitely has some skills but I don’t think he’s using them well right now, particularly on the offensive end. I’m skeptical about Summers … a good get for a second rounder, but there was a lot of other talents on the board when Detroit picked him.

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