NBA International League Pass Review

WOW. There isn’t more to say than…wow. The International League Pass is way too much to handle for a basketball junkie like myself.

It is pretty much the same as the “normal” League Pass Broadband – the main difference is that we (international customers) are only able to watch the game up to two days after the live stream. Especially considering that most of us buy the ILP because we don’t want to stay up all night to watch live streams. Still, two days is enough, so it’s not really a big problem.

The video quality is pretty good (most of the time) and I can only recommend to buy the HD version – you will notice a difference, believe me. Being able to use the DVR-function and jump back and forth while watching a game is really neat too. Especially if you watch an archived game and don’t feel like watching all the commercial breaks.

It isn’t flawless, tho. There are two things that they need to change as soon as possible:

  • The video quality isn’t the same for all the streams. Some games look awesome, perfect frame rate and everything while some…well…some remind me of flip books to be honest with you.

...awesome frame rate...

 I guess it’s nothing the ILP guys themselve can change, because they get the files from the channels that show the games on TV. Most games that aren’t on national TV look way better than those from TNT and ESPN which is bad for us if we consider that they show the best games – I couldn’t watch the season opener at all and I was really looking forward to that game – Celtics vs Cavaliers. The resolution was messed up and the frame rate was really low, it was like watching strangly shaped pictures of a game…not so much fun. The Mavericks game was in awesome quality, tho. The national TV stations should step up their game a bit.

  • The most annoying thing about the ILP archive is that they write the results of the game right underneath the link so you have a really tough time trying to cover a part of the screen with your hand while searching for the link without ruining the game for yourself by finding out who won…what is the purpose of an archive? Telling me who won? A link is enough. If I want to know who won, I’ll check out the NBA homepage. The early games start at 2 A.M. in Europe so many NBA fans over here prefer to watch the replay…we don’t want to know who won before we watch the game!

I put more emphasis on the bad parts in my review, but the ILP is a wonderful product and really worth paying the price. It’s not that expensive and you get pretty much all the games (we don’t have too many local black outs). Every game, every team, no matter who you root for you can watch your favorite team…like they say in their commercials…it’s amazing.


They changed one of the two most annoying things today – now you can click on a button to see the score if you want to, but they don’t shove it down your throat anymore. Very nice!


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