Rodney Stuckey – One Of A Kind

With all the articles and writers doubting Rodney Stuckey and people trying to convince everybody that Bynum would start if Stuckey hadn’t been a 1st round pick and what not, it is hard to just open your eyes and watch a game without having somebody else’s opinion in the back of your head. We love us some Bynumite too, but our coaching staff already found the perfect role for him – coming off the bench he can wreak havoc on the court and give us the energy spark we need without giving up too much on defense.

True, Rodney Stuckey had a tough time in the 2nd half of the previous season, but many rookies hit a wall (and that was kinda his 1st season with the injury he suffered the year he got drafted). Sometimes you have to wait for players to play up to their potential. What makes Stuckey special is his unique combination of ball-handling, size, quickness and incredible mid-air body control. It’s easier to understand what I’m talking about when you see it than when you read it. Either click here or watch this video at 1:01:

Crazy, right? The moves he put together, the way he got to the rim and how he finished the and-1 layup. How many other players in the NBA can do that? Uhm…how about none? Zero?

Most guards lack the size and strength they’d need to take the contact in the air without getting their balance messed up while most forwards simply aren’t able to handle the ball like this.

This was a Stuckey move…unique…one of a kind. This is what he does.


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