Stephen Jackson traded to the Bobcats

Yeah…I can see this working out…NOT!

I’m really glad for the Warriors that they finally got rid of the distraction this whole thing created. Don’t get me wrong, trading Stephen Jackson and Acie Law for Raja Bell and Vladimir Radmanovic is definitely a step in the wrong direction talent-wise for Golden State, but it will improve their team chemistry – not because I think that Bell is the best locker room guy ever – it’s more an addition by subtraction kind of thing.


I’m glad that Jax hasn’t got traded to a contender, because I don’t like the idea of players demanding and quarreling their way into a better situation. Just doesn’t sound right to me. He has the talent to turn a team around and he was in the perfect situation to prove it – last season he scored 20+, dished out 6+ assists and grabbed a bit more than 5 boards per game. Stephen has all the tools to be a leader and he could have taken the next step by leading the Warriors to a better record.

Anyway, it is what it is. For more information, check out this link (


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