LeBron James, the Choosy One

In this post we’ll take a look at the whole LeBron role change from hero to villain via movie references…ande because it is even more fun, we’ll also take a look how Kobe is slowly also performing a role change from villain to hero.

Here is the short version for everyone using Lost (because everybody knows that show): LeBron is Jack, Kobe is Sawyer and Kate is the Championship. Easy analogy, right? Jack is the hero, saving the day, making other people feel better and being an all around good guy. Sawyer is minding his own business, doing what is best for him, having a mean streak…but after a couple episodes/season’s, we start seeing them in a bit of a different light…Jack isn’t the nice guy anymore, Sawyer’s is actually doing the right things but his way, that’s why it took us a while to get to like him – when the right chance presents itself, he is even a really nice guy…get my point? If you need a more detailed statement, click the cute little ‘More…’-button:

Do you remember the flick that came out about 13 years ago named “Face/Off“? A John Woo joint starring Scientologist John Travolta and Nicolas Cage (who named himself after Johnny Cage from ‘Mortal Kombat’ btw)? The plot looks like this: ‘A revolutionary medical technique allows an undercover agent to take the physical appearance of a major criminal and infiltrate his organization.’ (Thanks, IMDB!) Anyway, the ‘major criminal’ kinda get’s the idea and turns everything around by taking the physical appearance of the undercover agent…if you want to know the rest, you’ll need to go out of your house and legally buy the movie somewhere (thank me later, RIAA & MPAA).

Now, let’s pretend this ‘revolutionary medical technique’ is ESPN, the ‘undercover agent’ is LeBron and the major criminal is ‘Kobe’. (Something’s wrong with the ‘ ‘ ‘ somewhere…)


...must become him?

Anyway, is it possible that a one-hour tv show on ESPN can change our perception of athletes this much? ‘The Decision’ was pretty bad…well, not the decision itself, but ‘The Decision’…you know what I mean…if it takes one hour for LeBron to tell us where he is going next, I don’t want to know how long it takes him to plan his vacation. Back to the point:

LeBron used to be our hero, well, sort of. You could dislike him of course (especially if your favorite team had to play him 4x times a year), but most people were simply amazed by what he could do on the court and how easy he made it look. A walking triple double that was true to his home his whole career, trying to bring glory to his tormented home…uhm…state. Kinda like highschool sweethearts <3. Kobe on the other hand was the guy that pushed Shaq out of town, argued with Phil Jackson, was a bit of a headcase, cheated on his wife (like Paul Brogan said: ‘Nobody can slow him down, except for young girls from outta town’)…you name it, he probably did it (at least according to TMZ).

A one-hour tv show later and the roles changed. Well, Kobe stopped being the villain some time ago actually, but the LeBron role change to suddenly becoming the bad guy was perplexing.

Now Kobe is the guy that never left ‘his’ town, who is definitely staying a Laker 4 life and, well, a guy that stood by his team even when the situation was really bad (and it was really bad – Smush Parker, anyone?). Yeah, of course he pushed for a trade back in the day, but he never actually went to another team – he forced the Lakers to surround him with better players.

LeBron on the other hand just joined the ‘dark side’ to keep the movie references going. He quit on his team and is now sleeping in Dwayne Wade’s guest room. Did the Cavaliers trade for about every f’n guy in the league they could afford to surround the Choosy One with better talent? Yup.  Could they have done more? Wasn’t surrounding him with shooters and role-players enough? Legitimate questions some ‘former fans’ ask. Don’t get me wrong: LeBron did what he is supposed to do, choose the best situation for himself…but he did it the wrong way…


The Choosy One

The Choosy One

Maybe it’s too easy to look a this situation like it’s a movie, but let’s be honest: Free Agency, especially everything including stuff like ‘The Decision’, isn’t business anymore, it’s show-business – so we should rate it accordingly. Can you imagine Face/Off ending by John Travolta saying: “You know what? F’ it, I can’t destroy this criminal organization – I better join it to improve my chances of winning. Yo, Nic Cage, you need a side-kick?”? Not exactly Hollywood, is it?

If LeBron wants to be in the media spotlight, he better learn to follow the rules. They are simple:

  • No naked pictures on the internet
  • People love happy ends! Yay!
  • No semi-naked pictures on the internet – especially southern territories
  • Don’t be boring (thank you, Jim Gray, thank you so much…not…)
  • No naked videos on the internet
  • Don’t break a whole state’s heart on national tv

You don’t want that? Than handle your business like it’s BUSINESS and not show-business, okay? Do you see CEO’s of companies making major decisions on NBC or something? (Maybe if you want to be the Donald Trump of basketball…and I’m not talking about money here, but getting made fun of…)

If you did a poll a year ago asking which player looks more like a ‘nice’ guy – Kobe or LeBron, I guess LeBron would have won by a wide margin. Now…well, I just don’t know. Kobe is trying hard since a few years and in the last couple months it didn’t even seem to be forced anymore – he was really funny at Jimmy Kimmel after the Lakers won the Championship, right? (C’mon, you know I’m right.) I did root for the Celtics in the Finals a lil bit, but I was happy for Kobe after the last game anyway…he got 5 rings. 1-2 more and we maybe can start talking about him being the best shooting guard ever…and you know what? He did it by his rules, with his team (one…no ‘s‘ at the end…) and he definitely did it his way.

I’m usually rooting for the underdog or if it’s 50-50, I’m always rooting for the team from the Eastern Conference – it’s just how I roll. But do you know what? If the Lakers and the Heat should meet in the Finals…I’m not sure I would root for the Heat…LeBron, Wade, Bosh…nah, right now, at this moment…I’d probably root for the Lakers…never thought I’d say that…

(BTW: What is it that makes Chris Bosh look so f’n creepy? He is evil, I tell you…evil!)


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