If LBJ disappears, Wade needs to step up

Are we giving D-Wade a free pass in the Finals?

Everybody is talking about LeBron James and his Houdini-Disappearing-Act in about every 4th quarter in the NBA Finals 2011 – in my humble opinion most people don’t have a clue what they are talking about, because saying somebody isn’t as good as he could be while the guy is delivering a triple double, is kind of exaggerated, isn’t it? Anyway…

Well, if LeBron James keeps up not delivering the goods (you know, if triple doubles aren’t enough), there is one guy who needs to step it up: Dwyane Wade. We could include Chris Bosh too, but everybody knows that this guy is definitely overrated – c’mon, I would average more points while playing with LBJ and Wade. He got more open shots than anyone in the history of basketball teams and he still seems to be a non-factor in the Finals (yeah, he hit a shot that became the game winner 44 seconds later, but you need to do waaaay more when LBJ and Wade are keeping the defense on their heels).

Game 6 is as much about Wade showing us what he is really made of as it is about LBJ. Don’t forget about that.


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