Everything you need (and absolutely don’t need) to know about the NBA.


11 Responses to “About”

  1. NIck Miko Says:

    Hey, it’s Nick from the locker room store. Hope you guys enjoyed the game and had fun here in the D. lol

    I’ll have to come visit austria soon.

  2. Hey Nick, we had a good time here and we really enjoyed it. I guess you can easily notice that by checking out the last few posts. 🙂 Thanks again for the discount. 😀 You, sir, are the man!

    Whenever you come to Austria, just let us know. We’ll show you around.

  3. andykrosenberg Says:

    awesome blog and thanks for stopping by my site. fan of nba 2k9 by any chance?

  4. you’re welcome 🙂

    yes, sir. I’m a big 2k basketball fan

  5. straighttotheleague Says:

    Hey man.
    Hope you like my blog. You are totally right about Stuckey. Future of the team. But, Chauncey is my man. Billups + Rip. Best back court in the L!

    Detroit are my team, along with the Suns, so there should be plenty of things for you to disagree with…!

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  7. So you guys are based in Austria? Where you at? I tired of watching NBA games by myself… I’ll bring the beer, you the ILP.

  8. sounds like a plan, buddy 😉 we are in Vienna – where r u at?

  9. Too bad, at the moment I live in Graz but I might come to Vienna some time… Drop me a line at ***@gmail.com with your contact details.

  10. kk, we’ll make something happen

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