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Stuckey buries 76ers

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How do you like him now? After all the criticism he had to face, the young point guard showed the world and especially the 76ers why the Pistons chose him over players like Chauncey Billups and Allen Iverson.

Was this his breakout game? No, sir, you didn’t pay attention. He had his breakout game last season – now he is doing this stuff on a regular basis. The Pistons are missing several key players (Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Ben Gordon) while some others lost their rhythm (Will Bynum) and some hardly found it (Charlie Villanueva). It was hard watching this game on several possessions when Rodney got the ball in his hands, the double team attacked him and there was no real offensive option to pass to…and still the Pistons managed to win this game on the road. Jonas Jerebko was the 2nd best player wearing a Detroit jersey in this one. Talk about maturation…

...winning the game...

Stuckey dropped 20+ points 9 times this season (5 times in the last 7 games). Ball distribution? Are 7+ assists in 4 of the last 6 games enough for you? He couldn’t have a better timing to step his game up. Right now his team needs him the most because of all the injuries and Rodney Stuckey delivers. Here are the highlights of the game. If you want to know what Rodney had to say after the game, click here.


NBA Summer League – 07/11/2008

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Here is everything you need to know about the 1st day of NBA Summer League action. This is no recap of the games – it is more like a summary of the most important statlines and weird facts. If you’d prefer a recap, just click on the results and you will be send to the recap.

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Golden State Warriors

89 – 96


  • Thaddeus Young was Philly’s top scorer with 27 points on 20 shots
  • Marreese Speights looked pretty confident on the court. He can score (22) and he knows how to battle for a rebound (13)
  • My favorite stat in this game is provided by Jason Smith. 11 personal fouls, ladies and gentlemen, NBA Summer League – where amazing happens. On the bright side, he scored 11 points and added 9 boards


  • Anthony Randolph was born to do one thing: scoring. A game-high 30 points on 18 shots while hustling for 8 boards – way to go, young man
  • Belinelli and Watson, the GSW’s backcourt, scored 14 points each – good to see Belinelli look confident on the court, not happening too often in the NBA games
  • Brandan Wright is a freak of nature. He blocked 4 shots (the 76ers had 4 blocks as a team), scored 17 points on 7 shots and grabbed 7 boards

New Orleans Hornets vs. Memphis Grizzlies

75 – 88


  • Knocked down less than 36% of their shots from the field
  • Julian Wright was the best and the worst the Hornets could offer tonight. He scored 12 points (on 17 shots, tho) while turning the ball over 11 times
  • Hilton Armstrong scored 13 points and crashed the board for 9 rebounds, but he isn’t as good as Jason Smith of the 76ers. Armstrong had only 9 personal fouls…2 more and he would be as good as Smith 😉
  • It can only get better next time


  • O.J. Mayo was brilliant according to He was good, but he wasn’t that good. He scored 15 points, showed some range on his shots, played decent D (he was rewarded with 3 steals), but he turned the ball over 8 times. This is important. He needs to take more care.
  • Darrell Arthur scored a game–high 18 points. The Grizzlies had 5 guys scoring in double digits.
  • Surprise of the night: PJ Tucker. He scored 17 points (6 shots plus some free throws, of course), grabbed 8 boards (6 offensive), added 3 assists for good measure and went for 4 steals and he did all that in 21 minutes. No one is talking about him, but he probably was the biggest surprise yesterday – I’m not kidding, check the recap. They don’t even mention his name.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Detroit Pistons

73 – 84


  • They got dominated a bit, but it wasn’t as bad as the Hornets output. The Lakers converted on 53.5% of their shots which is a great numbers, but they didn’t take care of the ball and paid the price
  • Coby Karl scored a team-high 14 points while his dad (you know it, I guess, George Karl – Denver Nuggets coach) was watching him
  • Nobody was especially noticeable – in a positive or negative way
  • They have some strange names on their summer league roster: Mata-Real, Calathes, Bozeman…


  • Is it just me or do they play like the “real” Pistons? They take care of the ball, they hustle on defense and they know how and where to attack their opponent. Scary, man. The Pistons teach their youngsters how to play the right way and I really like that.
  • They only took 2 3pters. When the other team can’t stop you – go to the rim – and they did.
  • Rodney Stuckey, already well known for his heroics last season (and playoffs when Chauncey Billups pulled his hamstring) scored a game-high 21 points so you won’t forget his name. He will be in the NBA a long time. 5 rebounds and 4 assists while turning the ball over only 2 times is a nice addition to his statline. Big improvement.
  • Arron Afflalo is often forgotten when talking about the Pistons’ youngster, but he is as good as they come. 15 points.
  • Walter Sharpe missed some shots, but he didn’t look lost on the field – that has to count for something, right?
  • Amir Johnson was perfect from the field (5/5), but he fouled way too often and he needs to show us way more to be the player the Pistons’ fans want him to be

Dallas Mavericks vs. Los Angeles Clippers

69 – 86


  • Gerald Green was playing for the Mavs summer league team. Yes, that Gerald Green.
  • I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure what was more surprising. Green playing in the summer league or Green only scoring 12 points?
  • James Singleton – 8 personal fouls and 5 turnovers – it can only get better from here
  • Anyway, the Mavs had three guys in double digits and there isn’t so much more to say about them


  • Good shot selection (compared to the other summer league teams)
  • Eric Gordon looked very good out there. Game-high 23 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists. If it wasn’t for the 6 turnovers, he’d probably be in my top 3 rookies yesterday – ah, he still is. 3/6 from downtown – good range
  • Al Thornton scored 20 points

Elton Brand will sign with the 76ers (?)

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…according to “sources”. At least, that is what Marc Stein from ESPN (your worldwide and so on) is telling us here – verbal agreement.

We’ll see if it is true, but Mr. Stein is pretty accurate with this kind of rumors and you better believe it will happen. Why should Brand leave the Clippers? Well…

1.) They are the Clippers.
2.) Playing in the Eastern Conference is more fun (read: a lot easier) for big men.
3.) Andre Miller is an underrated PG who can get you the ball whenever you want wherever you want
4.) Andre Igoudala is a great slasher – better than Maggette
5.) Samuel Dalembert is a shot blocker who will take care of protecting the rim
6.) 82 mil/5 years

It would explain why the 76ers made room under the salary cap with the Carney trade.

If you ask me, Elton Brand should stay in L.A., but only because I’m a big Baron Davis fan. When he is on fire and healthy, there aren’t many better players in the league. Brand and Boom Dizzle playing together would be great.

Nothing got signed yet so we will see how it really plays out.

Top 10 + Game Highlights April 29

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Top Ten Plays

Pistons vs. 76ers Game 5

Hornets vs. Mavricks Game 5

Spurs vs. Suns Game 5

Rockets vs. Jazz Game 5

Top 10 + Game Highlights April 27

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Top Ten Plays

Cavaliers vs. Wizards Game 4

Spurs vs. Suns Game 4

Pistons vs. 76ers Game 4

Hornets vs. Mavericks Game 4

Top 10 + Game Highlights April 25

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Top Ten Plays

Pistons vs. 76ers Game 3

Spurs vs Suns Game 3

Hornets vs. Mavericks Game 3

76ers vs. Pistons Game 3 Quick Recap

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Back again. What a mess. This game is hard to watch if you are a Pistons fan…they are playing like it is their first time and they can’t handle it. Who is the inexperienced team in this series? Hard to tell…

Ugly game. Let’s tackle it bullet-style:

  • The next game will tell us everything we need to know about the Pistons this year. Will they come back after this debacle? Are they still tough enough? A team with two personalities…you never know if you are in for Jekyll or Hyde.
  • The Pistons got just a few field goals more than turnovers (27 to 23). Sick! They look like a D-League team tonight…sorry, no disrespect to the D-League. The Pistons were much worse.
  • The Detroit Turnover-Machine – a nice team effort turning the ball over – everyone got a few TOs…
  • Billups and Sheed hit a combined 3/17 FGM-A…throw in the Stuckey-Hayes tandem that combined for 2/14 and you know pretty much everything about this game
  • McDyess : broken nose – they couldn’t stop the bleeding so he only played 2 minutes in the 2nd half
  • Prince knocked down 8/9 -> 18 points
  • Hamilton was the top scorer: 23 points

Player of the Game

  • Statswise I have to go with Samuel Dalembert: 22 points, 16 rebounds, 2 blocks, +28 +/- – he showed us some moves down low, a few midrange jumpers (I didn’t expect that) and hard work boxing out and rebounding
  • But actually it was a great team effort and good defense (or bad Pistons offense, depends on the way you look at it)