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Stuckey buries 76ers

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How do you like him now? After all the criticism he had to face, the young point guard showed the world and especially the 76ers why the Pistons chose him over players like Chauncey Billups and Allen Iverson.

Was this his breakout game? No, sir, you didn’t pay attention. He had his breakout game last season – now he is doing this stuff on a regular basis. The Pistons are missing several key players (Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Ben Gordon) while some others lost their rhythm (Will Bynum) and some hardly found it (Charlie Villanueva). It was hard watching this game on several possessions when Rodney got the ball in his hands, the double team attacked him and there was no real offensive option to pass to…and still the Pistons managed to win this game on the road. Jonas Jerebko was the 2nd best player wearing a Detroit jersey in this one. Talk about maturation…

...winning the game...

Stuckey dropped 20+ points 9 times this season (5 times in the last 7 games). Ball distribution? Are 7+ assists in 4 of the last 6 games enough for you? He couldn’t have a better timing to step his game up. Right now his team needs him the most because of all the injuries and Rodney Stuckey delivers. Here are the highlights of the game. If you want to know what Rodney had to say after the game, click here.


Allen Iverson retires?

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According to Marc J. Spears Twitter Feed and a post on Yahoo! Sports Allen Iverson’s personal manager Gary Moore said that Allen Iverson is retiring from basketball.

Well, let’s hope we will get more news on this to confirm that it is what A.I. is really going to do or if it is just something overblown or taken out of context. Stay tuned.

Joe Dumars IS a genius

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Okay, maybe this is a bit of an overstatement, but it is pretty close to the truth. Most Detroit fans (including myself) where doubting his moves in the offseason. Signing Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva to big time contracts to build a team around them and Rodney Stuckey? Can we make it work this time around with two shooting guards? Are we going to see a lot of smallball in the 4th quarter again? And so on…

Well, looking at the situation now and a season ago, I have to say that I’m freakin’ happy with the way we play, the way the players behave on and off the court and the way Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva fit into the team. It is a joy to watch.


Much better than last season!

Maybe we were a bit too scared to go through the whole Allen Iverson thing again. Thank God that didn’t happen again – last season was really awful. This year everything looks much better and the most surprising thing: We are playing hard and winning games. I never questioned the ‘playing hard’ thing, but the ‘winning games’ part took me by surprise.

Some interesting bullets:

  • Richard Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince missed more than half of our games and we are still 5-5
  • Ben Gordon is our leading scorer and #12 in the league (scoring average 22.4 points/game)
  • We have one of the best defenses in the NBA (points/game and percentage)
  • We have the best scoring backcourts in the league –  it’s not even close
  • We nearly beat the Dallas Mavericks yesterday even tho our topscorer only hit 1 of his 16 shots – if he would have scored on, let’s say, 20-25% of his shots, we would have probably won this game…crazy, right?
  • No matter who we play against, we go hard!

The additions of Gordon and Villanueva were awesome. Combined with Stuckey stepping up his game, the re-emergence of Big Ben Wallace and the surprisingly effective players coming of our bench (special thanks go to Mr. Jerebko!) we are looking really good out there.


He is back!

No matter if we win or lose, it is always fun to watch the games. Last season even our wins were mostly painful to watch. Now the players are hustling all over the floor, moving the basketball, doing all the little things, going to the rim hard, hitting big three pointers – everything! Basketball at it’s finest. If you don’t watch Detroit Basketball and you get the chance to…do it! Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

Proud to be a Piston

Proud to be a Piston

 Thank you, Detroit!

Will Bynum proves Rick Kamla wrong

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You have read about Will Bynum’s heroics yesterday in the Pistons’ most important game of the season – 32 points, a franchise record 26 in the 4th quarter on perfect 6/6 shooting from the field and maybe…just maybe, you have read or seen something by Rick Kamla somewhere on the page. He said something about Will Bynum getting Allen Iverson’s minutes…

If you want to see the whole “Rick Rant’s” video, go here.

A.I. done for rest of season

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Say good-bye to A.I.. According to he is out for the rest of the season. Soreness in his back…blablabla…

I’m glad we finally got rid of all this drama. The team has to focus on the next few games to make the playoffs and all those distractions definitely didn’t help us win.

Would I like to see A.I. play the next few games for Detroit? Yes, of course. It’s crazy to think we couldn’t need one more Hall of Fame guard, but if the price we have to pay for that is doing whatever he wants and sacrificing the whole team concept – no, thank you, take that attitude to another city next season.

“After talking with Allen and our medical staff, we feel that resting Allen for the remainder of the season is the best course of action at this time,” Dumars said in statement. “While he has played in our last three games, he is still feeling some discomfort and getting him physically ready to compete at the level he is accustomed to playing this late in the season does not seem possible at this point.”

First he is injured, than he is back, pissed off about his minutes, he has no trouble with coming off the bench, he would rather retire than come off the bench, he is injured again…he changes his mind on a daily basis.

At least one thing he said is true: He is doing everything he can to help this team win. Not being a distraction anymore definitely helps.

Pistons vs 76ers Recap, 03/29/2009

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This win was a total team effort – you can’t credit just one guy, they took turns at carrying the team. Prince put the team on his back in the 1st half (especially at the end of the 2nd quarter), Stuckey carried us through the 3rd quarter, Bynum opened the 4th with a big effort and Rip Hamilton came in and played the role of the closer.

Your Starting Backcourt

Your Starting Backcourt

  • Allen Iverson finally returned from his injury and I think that a lot of fans owe him an apology. All the talk about his faked back injury and that he would never return to come off the bench for us…he is back and you could see that he was still in pain. He still scored 8 points and dished out a couple assists. Welcome back, A.I.!
  • Tayshaun Prince was big in the 1st half – he scored 19 points in the first two quarters on his way to a team-high 21 points on only 11 shots. Tay also finished with a game-high +18 +/-.
  • I was joking a bit about the two offensive juggernauts Kwame Brown and Samuel Dalembert going at each other in this one, but I have to apologize to Kwame for that one. 13 points in 22 minutes. Well done!
Bynum scored 9 points in the 4th quarter

Bynum scored 9 points in the 4th quarter

  • Bynum had the hot hand at the beginning of the 4th scoring 9 points, most of them coming on mid-range jumpers. He was simply feeling it.
  • Rodney Stuckey carried the Pistons through the 3rd quarter – scoring 12 of his 16 points. Philly was ahead by 4 with 7:57 in the 3rd to go when Stuckey decided it was time to go on a 8-0 run of his own and get the Pistons up by 4.
  • The 76ers were surprisingly good yesterday. I knew they are a good team, but I didn’t know how good they really are. Igoudala looked like LeBron light out there, getting to the rim at will and hitting shots from downtown. 27 points, 7 boards and 5 assists. Is there more to say?
'The Closer'

'The Closer'

  • Richard Hamilton replaced Allen Iverson on the court with 3:17 to go in the 4th. He scored the next (and also last) 4 points for Detroit!

Pistons Injury Update

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Detroit has a big week coming up. We need a few wins if we want to get the 6th seed in the East. The Pistons are 2.5 games ahead of the 8th seed (Chicago) and 1.5 behind the 6th seed (Philly). This is the up-coming schedule:

  • Chicago Bulls, March 24th
  • Los Angeles Lakers, March 26th
  • Washington Wizards, March 28th
  • Philadelphia 76ers, March 29th

Pretty big games, if you ask me. We have to win against Chicago and Philly and a win against Washington would be nice too. So, who will play?

“Yep, he’s on board with it,” Curry said. “I was comfortable with that from the beginning. No great player wants to come off the bench, but that’s how we’re going to utilize him.” Curry didn’t appear to be overly concerned about the dynamics of re-integrating Iverson into the rotation.

  • According to the same article, Curry expects Rasheed Wallace and Richard Hamilton to play against the Lakers on Thursday. Rip could return tomorrow, but that will be a game-time decision.

Asked whether there was any chance of Hamilton playing against the Bulls, Curry said: “I don’t know. I think Rip’s … it’s a matter of feel. I would say not likely, but I don’t want to rule him out.”

After the team’s morning shootaround, Arenas was asked by a Washington Post reporter if the news was true.

“It’s only true if I play on Saturday,” he said.

Arenas then told The Washington Times by phone that playing Saturday is “the plan” — but isn’t set in stone.


According to the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News Sheed and A.I. will not play against the Bulls.

The Detroit News wrote that Sheed and A.I. definitely won’t play, but with Rip it’s a matter of feel.

According to the Detroit Free Press Sheed, A.I. and Rip are out tonight, but the Bulls’ Derrick Rose is a game-time decision as well.