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‘Big Ben’ Wallace is back

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According to ESPN and Ben Wallace will resign with Detroit for the next two seasons. He’ll earn nearly $ 2 millions a year which isn’t nearly enough if you consider that this guy is the heart & soul of the Pistons. If Joe D is able to resign Will Bynum soon we are ready to start some trade talks and get our roster together for the upcoming season.


What I learnt while watching Nuggets @ Pistons

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  • This Pistons team is all heart & hustle!
  • I still can’t root against Chauncey Billups. For me, he’ll always be a part of the Pistons – even when he is dropping 21 points on us and nearly hitting the game winner for Denver.
  • Rodney Stuckey isn’t Mr. Big Shot 2.0 yet, but he is on his way. We shouldn’t try to nickname him the same as Chauncey, tough. Stuckey is a big guard like Chauncey, but that’s about it – they play very different styles of basketball.
  • Ben Wallace is playing the best basketball I’ve seen from him since he left the Pistons in the first place. You can’t compare what he did in Chicago or Cleveland with what he is doing now. About 15 boards a game and a combined 5 blocks and steals per game is what he gives you every night – how awesome is that?
  • Jonas Jerebko isn’t in the discussion for Rookie Of The Year yet and probably won’t get there anytime soon, but this guy is a real basketball player. He can do it all. Defend (Melo went for 40+, but Melo is…Melo…league of his own scoring-wise right now), score inside and outside, go for loose balls like his life would depend on it, pass, drive, dish…you name it, he can do it.
  • Ben Wallace Add-On: Is he the most underrated passer/ball-distributor big man in the league right now or what?
  • Melo went for 40+, Chauncey dropped 20+…not enough to get the W in Motown…how many of us thought the Pistons would go 4-0 over the last four games? Be honest…

This team is surprising me every time I watch a game. I don’t know if I’ve been that excited on a game-to-game-basis ever – there just aren’t any letdowns and the team is bringing the effort night in & night out. Keep it up!

How the Pistons are doing so far (2009/11/05)

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Well, you could say that the Pistons are 2-3 right now and leave it at that, but that would be like saying that the movie “The men who stare at goats” will be awesome…you’d be right, but you kinda wouldn’t help anybody with that. We’ll try to tell you about the things you probably didn’t know…it’s not as easy as 2-3 with the Pistons.

Who did we beat?

The Memphis Grizzlies and the Orlando Magic. How? We beat the Grizzlies by 22 points by holding them to 36% shooting from the field. We got outrebounded pretty bad (yeah, we got a pretty small frontcourt), but we took better care of the ball and our guards were pretty much scoring at will. I was really surprised by Ben Gordon. Everybody knows that he is one of the best shooters out there, but this guy knows how to attack the rim and by the time we got to the Orlando game he also showed an awesome floater that we’ll see pretty often this year, I guess.


Shooter? Scorer!

I know what you are asking yourself: Yeah, we beat the Grizzlies (which was no gimmie, btw), but Orlando? Orlando? Superman, the artist formerly known as Vinsanity and Co.? They had an off-night and we took advantage of that. I’m not trying to take anything away from the Pistons, it is hard to outplay a good team even on one of their weaker outings, but them shooting 36% from the field and 28% from three? Believe me, you won’t see that again tonight in the 2nd game against Orlando this season.

Who beat us?

The Thunder, the Bucks and the Raptors. Yeah, I know what you are thinking…not exactly the elite teams this year, but we ain’t in the that group ourselves anymore. On one hand it is kinda sad that all of those games were winnable and we lost them, but on the other hand: hey, we could have won!

So, are we lucky to be 2-3?

To be honest, I expected to see worse before the season began and so I’m actually surprised how good our squad looks on the floor. We move the ball, we attack the rim, we play pretty beautiful basketball most of the time and we look like we are able to win every game during some point of it. I didn’t really expect that. I was expecting to see more of a struggle, especially in the beginning…think about it:

  • Two new guys (starting PF and 6th man – actually, starting at SG since Rip got injured a while ago)
  • A coach that fell off the Cavaliers bandwagon, because there simply wasn’t enough space anymore

The Cavaliers Bandwagon
  •  Our starters in the frontcourt during the preseason where Ben Wallace and Kwame Brown…both are great defenders (or at least one is great, the other is decent), but it ain’t exactly Sheed and McDyess on the other end of the court
  • More on Ben Wallace in another post – the guy is playing better than anyone could have thought
  • Same goes for our backcourt – those guys deserve their own post

Well, I expected to win against the Grizzlies and the Bucks and loss to the Raptors and Magic. The game against the Thunder was a toss-up to me. I didn’t know what to think about it, because the squad they build around Kevin Durant is pretty good – they’ll surprise some teams this year. So, being 2-3 is about right even tho we could be better, but getting Rip and Tay back will definitely help.

Detroit – what’s next?

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The Summer League was nothing short of spectacular to this point. I didn’t expect that pretty much every draft pick would amaze me, but you know…it is what it is. DaJuan Summers is a beast, a man among boys if you will, and he looks NBA-ready to me – at least more NBA-ready than ~ 99% of the other Summer League guys. Can’t wait to see him in a real NBA game.

Austin Daye has so much upside/potential – if he gets to 50% of what he is able to be, he will be a starter in this league. At 6-11 he can do so many things – shoot, handle the rock, initiate pick-and-rolls…can you imagine what a good coach can do with a guy like Daye on the field? Amazing…

Deron Washington was drafted last year, but still…he is a freak of nature – there aren’t many as athletic guys in this league.  Jonas Jerebko is the only guy I really can’t say much about.

But what is up next for Motown? A big guy. We need a big body, because Kwame being your starting center is a guaranteed 50 loss season…if everything else is nearly perfect – otherwise we’ll lose even more games. Detroit is looking at Chris Wilcox, Rasho Nesterovic, Drew Gooden and Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis according to most rumor pages on the web. There is some chatter about signing Ben Wallace, but I don’t see it – unless he is willing to play for free.

I really like what Wilcox brings to the table. He is an energy guy that can dunk and block big time, a guy that gets the crowd into the game and is always ready to give you 110%. I’m not sure how good a help defender he is, but with his athletic ability and presence he will definitely alter some shots. He gives you 9 points and 5 boards per 20 minutes which isn’t too good, but if you look at the seasons he got about 30 minutes per game he delivered about 14 points and 8 rebounds – acceptable.

Rasho Nesterovic – gives you about the same numbers, but he is a totally different kind of player. He prefers to shoot mid-range jumpers although he got some skills around the hoop. Anyway, I’m tired of post-players that prefer to shoot jumpers (got it?), give me somebody who can finish with authority.

Glen Davis won’t happen, because he is a restricted free agent and Boston will probably match.

Drew Gooden? Well, Drew is giving you the same numbers. He got more minutes and played more, but if you reduce his minutes he gives you about the same. Drew is the most skilled guy out of all these players (but Big Baby – too bad he is a restricted free agent) and he wouldn’t be a bad choice. To me he looks like a good locker room guy as well.

If I was Joe D, who would I go after? 1st choice: Chris Wilcox. 2nd choice: Drew Gooden.

Celtics vs. Cavaliers – Game 2 (Quick) Recap

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Hi there, a bit late…

Big Ben Smoke

“I think the basket is somewhere over there…”

Celtics vs. Cavaliers



  • The Cavs started this game smoking hot and took a big lead, but they couldn’t keep it up
  • LeBron was the topscorer in this one: 21 points on 6/24 shooting – horrible – 25% from the field – he was better than in game 1, but that is about it
  • Ilgauskas hit 9 out of 12 and scored 19 points, but he only got 5 rebounds in 30 minutes – are you serious? He is 7’3” and only got 5 rebounds? Is this even possible? He doesn’t have to jump, just stand near the basket…
  • Ben Wallace had to leave the game early, because the smoke (because of the pre-game pyrotechnic stuff in Boston) caused a allergic reaction and he couldn’t play – no more pre-game pyros for Boston, I guess, unless they change it so Ben Wallace can play. Ben isn’t a major contributor for the Cavs offense, but he can play a little D
  • Will LeBron start playing his kind of basketball in game 3? If he can do what he did to Detroit last year, he should better start Saturday or it could be too late


  • You have to give the Celtics bench a lot of credit for this one – they helped tie the game and held their own
  • The Big 3 scored a combined 48 points
  • Kevin Garnett: 13 points + 12 rebounds
  • Paul Pierce: 19 points
  • Ray Allen: 16 points (he scored his first basket in the 3rd quarter)
  • The bench scored a combined 34 points
  • The Celtics were the better team – no doubt about it – the early Cavs lead couldn’t discourage them
  • They took control of the game in the 2nd and killed the Cavs in the 3rd

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