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Quick thoughts on Celtics vs. Knicks – Christmas Day, 2011

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Here are some quick thoughts on the Opening Game of the new NBA Season:

  • When did Stoudemire start shooting (and hitting) threes?
  • Wanna guard Melo this year? Good luck with that!
  • Yes, you saw that right: Brandon Bass has a jumpshot. I didn’t know that…shame on me.
  • I really do like Chris Wilcox. Too bad the big fella is not in Detroit anymore. He brings effort and energy every game!
  • Boston will miss Big Baby Davis more than they probably think…
  • Melo made this his team in a heartbeat. Stoudemire is doing a really good job and those guys look like a good team with no alpha dog issues. This is huge. I was always afraid that they would break because they have two big time stars.
  • The 1st quarter looked really good for the Knicks. Boston looked kind of unprepared and sometimes even confused on offense. Without Rondo doing his thing this team really would be in big trouble – “Big Three”? How about “Great One and his Three Amigos”?
  • It’s been a long time since I have seen the Knicks have any kind of ballmovement, not even a good one. Now they look really good (at least for their standard from the last couple of years).
  • B. Diddy looking sharp on the bench! He looks trim and fit – this could be a comeback year for him. I’d really like to see him get back to his all-star-self. He is a very good point guard (when he feels like it).
  • Douglas is the spark of the bench for the Knicks that every team needs in the league today.
  • We’ll see Spike Lee even more often on TV this year than we are used to.
  • Brandon Bass has moves! He has way more skill than I thought…maybe Big baby won’t be missed that much. Bass played a big part (maybe even the biggest) in the little comeback from the Celtics in the 2nd quarter. He will get way more minutes ’til the end of the season.
  • It was very cute to watch Pavlovic try to guard Carmelo…like a puppy trying to guard a T-Rex…or a baby trying to fight Brock Lesnar……or me trying to guard Melo…I guess you get my point…
  • It’s scary how easy Melo can take over a game.
  • Shaq to TNT – YEAH!!! 🙂 I was really looking forward to this. He didn’t look that comfortable, but it was his first appearance – he’ll be good. BTW: Did Barkley slim down or is it Shaq making him look thinner?
  • What happened to Paul Pierce’ face? He looks like he has lost a lot of weight.
  • When Carmelo went down in the 3rd quarter while trying to block a Jermaine O’Neal lay-up, his teammate rushed to him to help him up. That’s what I want to see! Keep that up!
  • The 4th foul by Melo was really unneccesary and dumb, but those things happen. Sure wasn’t on purpose, but keep those elbows to yourself, Melo. Don’t swing them around.
  • C’mon N.Y., leaving Ray Allen open in the corner? Twice in a row? Really? Don’t you get League Pass in New York? When Allen gets going, it usually gives Boston a spark and the whole team starts to play better. Don’t let Allen take over.
  • The Knicks left all their skills in the locker room during half-time. Hope they can back into the game after looking so good in the 1st half. Douglas and Stoudemire got the crowd back into the game. You can feel the crowd being scared that the Knicks are self-combusting…not these Knicks, tho!
  • Celtics up by 10 with a little less than 11 minutes to go. You know what this is going to be called in N.Y. from now on? Melo-Time! He is starting to take over! Big three pointer to bring the lead down to his jersey number.
  • Brandon Bass got some big rebounds for the Celtics. He knows where the ball is going to be – you can’t teach that.
  • Another shot by Melo. Making it look really easy.
  • Spike Lee trying to work the officials. Always fun to watch. 😀
  • Nice alley-oop from Melo to Chandler after the time-out. Well done!
  • As much as I like you, T. Douglas, please pass the ball to Melo and get out of the way when he is feeling it and stop shooting three pointers…
  • I don’t know what to call the “thing” Jermaine O’Neal did, but I’m going with “Reverse-Jordan-Effect“. You know when Jordan flew through the air and it looked like he spent an eternity up there? Jermaine O’Neal can do the same thing, but just the opposite way: Dude just jumped in slow motion, I swear! Check it out, 6:38 to go in the 4th quarter. He was up there for an hour without moving…that’s against the laws of physics!
  • 2 point game with 6 minutes to go. Yes, sir! 🙂
  • When, exactly, did Rondo get a jumper? Why hasn’t anybody told me that? Can you spell u-n-s-t-o-p-p-a-b-l-e? I, obviously, can’t…
  • Big three by Douglas! That’s what happens when you double-team Carmelo.
  • Melo ties it up with a three of his own! This guy is a weapon!
  • KG is used to these moments…hits a shot like he is warming up…no emotion what-so-ever
  • It feels so good to see the Madison Square Garden rockin’ again! 🙂
  • Don’t forget: No Paul Pierce – with their best scorer, the game would have played out differently…maybe still not with a W, but differently…

Stephon Marbury = Bad Karma

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Man, once you start this “A = B” thing, you can’t stop anymore. It’s just too much fun. Anyway, that’s not what this post is about.

Today, kids, we want to speak about Karma and how it can affect one team’s season.

What is Karma?

According to Wikipedia, Karma is the concept of “action” or “deed” in Indian religions understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effects originating in ancient India and treated in Hindu, Jain, Sikh and Buddhist philosophies.

More importantly:

Through the idea of karma, the effects of all deeds actively create past, present, and future experiences, thus making one responsible for one’s own life, and the pain and joy it brings to him/her and others.

Bad Karma

Bad Karma

Why is that important for the Celtics’ future?

Last year everybody rooted for the good guys to win. You know, Kevin Garnett playing harder than anyone else in cold ‘Sota and never winning anything, because his team was so bad. Paul Pierce, one classy guy, never went deep into the Playoffs, got stabbed several times in this nasty club incident and Ray Allen…well, nobody felt that sorry for him, but he is a nice guy, that’s good enough for me.

When you pack them all in one team, everybody wants to root for them. They deserved to win. Why? Did they do anything special? Anything that seperates them from the other All-Stars? Is it because they were good players on losing teams? Yes, a bit of all of that. They deserved to win, because they lost so many games, but hardly ever complained and still found the motivation to keep going and not give up -> Good Karma.

Is Starbury able to mess that up?

Yes. If you don’t believe me, ask any Knicks fan you know or any stranger wearing a Knicks jersey.

All the good karma the Celtics had going for them just flew out of the window the day they signed Marbury. This guy has brought so much evil to the Basketball World (and I’m not even a Knicks fan…not even close) that I will blame him…and him alone…if the NBA doesn’t survive this economic crisis…okay, okay, I’m exaggerating.

Marbury does not deserve a Championship. It’s that easy. With all the B.S. he has done, he is way, way down on the list of players deserving to win a title. Behind guys like Raef LaFrentz (who some smart GM thought up and just pretends he exists so he can pull off trades ‘n’ stuff – seriously, has anyone ever seen this guy?)

So, don’t be surprised when you don’t repeat this year. It’s your fault.

Like Joaquin Phoenix said in 8 MM: “If you dance with the devil, the devil don’t change. The devil changes you.”

Bibby is the man … NOT!

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Bibby had another MVP-worthy performance in game 2 against the Celtics. In this series he is now 4/17 from the field along with two assists (my calculater says thats one per game!). After all the friendly words he had for the Boston crowd they showed him some love too. However, Mike “the Baghead Gangsta” Bibby was smart enough to realise that he wouldn’t return to Boston this season so he didn’t shut up after the second beat down and said: “The people I was talking about know who they are,” he said. “If they took offense to it, they must be part of it. I guess they are all bandwagon jumpers”.

It was a rough game from start to finish. Atlanta really wanted to win this one, but they had no chance at all. The Celtics are, surprisingly, way better.

  • Boston outrebounded the Hawks 4535
  • Atlanta had 22 turnovers while the Celtics lost the ball 14 times
  • Jones and Zaza are the only Hawks that have a positive +/- stat (Jones .. who the f… is that!)
  • KG had his usual double-double with a game high 19 points
  • Both teams had 5 players in double figures

This series was over befor it started. Can’t we still make this a best of three series? Please?

For box scores and more Celtics stuff, click here.


Garnett = Defensive Player of the Year

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He maybe isn’t the best defender statswise this season, but what he did for his team is amazing. He formed a whole new mental approach to the game for all the other Boston Celtics. He taught them what it means to be a competitor, how to defend as a team, what it means to give everything you have even when it doesn’t matter, why it is important to block shots even when the whistle already blew and the shot wouldn’t count anyway…he gave a whole town hope. When I think back about this season, the first thing coming to my mind will be this great NBA commercial.

Just compare the Celtics stats of last season with this one.

Last Season / This Season

  • Points allowed: 99.2 / 90.3
  • Field goal PCT allowed: .468% / .419%
  • 3-Pt PCT allowed: .354% / .316%

KG has the best defensive rating (for players and teams it is points allowed per 100 possessions) in the league and he is 3rd in defensive win shares.

I’m glad he got this award, because he really deserved it. His individual stats are down this year in most categories actually, but what he did for this team is incredible. Don’t forget that him getting the DPOY award means that his chance to win the MVP took a big hit. Only Hakeem Olajuwon and Michael Jordan won the DPOY and the MVP award the same year and KG didn’t have that kind of season.


Congrats, KG!

If you want to read more about this award and see who got the news before ESPN:

Reds Army

Three Amigos got los win

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Three Amigos

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