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The Detroit Pistons – helping to improve YOUR team

Posted in NBA with tags , , , , , , , , on December 24, 2011 by dunkonu

Well, it’s Christmas time and we all know what this is about. Being unselfish, helping those in need and handing out a present or two to people you like (or are related to…).

That’s exactly what the Pistons are doing for the other NBA teams since a couple years. Very nice…unless you care about things like improving your own team or small things like that. Let me explain:

Chicago Bulls

Man, I really do miss Rip Hamilton. He had his fair share of problems in the last few seasons, because of the coaching changes and a few other factors we probably don’t know enough about to judge him. I don’t know what it is with the Bulls, but they kinda love the players the Pistons don’t want to keep or can’t keep (see Ben Wallace a couple years ago).

Rip will probably have an outstanding year in Chicago, at least this is what I hope. He used tob e a class act and the last few seasons kinda dimnished that (which I think is unfair). Of course I’m rooting for Detroit, but he brought a championship to Motown – this has to count for something, doesn’t it?

The only game he has played with Chicago so far was a pre-season game, but man…did he look good on the court. Liket he commentator said: he played like he is part of the roster since years. He can shoot (as we all know), but he can make plays for other guys too and he has a very high basketball IQ. Everybody will act all surprised when he goes back to his usual self (aka before Curry and Kuester took the fun away for him).

Los Angeles Clippers

When you have Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan on your team and you go for one point guard, it gives you a new nickname: Lob City. That is a fitting nickname! CP3 to Blake Griffin all day long…yeah, they ain’t former Pistons, but Chauncey Billups is. He is getting older, but his style hardly was based on speed and flash – he is more about size, making good decisions, playing hard defense – effort. Those skills don’t go away with age. Being the back-up for CP3 is the perfect role for him at this age.

Let me just say one thing: it is very sad, as a Pistons fan, to see your starting backcourt from the championship days separated – one guy in Chicago and one in L.A. – but I guess that’s the business part of the game.


Anyway, what I don’t get about this thing is why we are keeping Tayshaun Prince. It doesn’t fit. Don’t get me wrong, I really do like Prince and I hope his former, humble self will rub off on our young guys, but getting rid of about everyone and re-signing him for a couple years just doesn’t really make sense. I doubt that we are going to trade him. He has a lot left and he can teach our youngsters a lot, which I’m totally looking forward to. I trust in Joe D and I think he knows what he is doing.

Tayshaun Prince

People tend to forget how much those players meant (and still mean) to Detroit. Sports fans can be cruel – they want to get rid of you as soon as you aren’t at your best. They hardly ever give you a chance for redemption – players are treated like animals sometimes. Well…animals that get paid millions of dollars, but still…that’s not fair. Tay will make this team better – on the court, off the court – overall! Go TAY! 🙂


Mike D’Antoni – Knicks > Bulls

Posted in NBA, YouTube with tags , , , , , on May 11, 2008 by dunkonu

You probably heard about Mike D’Antoni’s new coaching gig at the Madison Square Garden. 24 mil/4 years for trying to get the Knicks back in the playoffs. This is a verbal agreement and nothing got signed, but it is only a matter of time.

We all agree that he is one of the better coaches when talking about fastbreaks and transition offense. Like most coaches, he isn’t limited to coaching one style – we will see what he can do in the half-court soon – or do you think he will get Curry and Randolph to run up and down the court?

A lil video – Suns players talking about their coach:

Nash at 1:51

The only thing I don’t get when reading blogs or stuff on sports websites is why most writers think he should have signed with the Bulls. Do you think the Knicks are more of a mess than the Bulls? You are right, of course they are. But are the Bulls doing everything they can to close the gap? Yes, they do. You know, giving large contracts to declining players (Ben Wallace), destroying the team from within with trade rumors (Kobe Bryant) and trading overpaid players for other overpaid players (Larry Hughes)…

Going from championship contender (not really, but most so-called experts had them advancing to the finals in last years playoffs) to 33 wins in one season is horrible. This can happen if one or more of your key players are injured, but they were healthy all year.

I don’t get why coaching the Bulls would be better. Because of young talent? Joakim Noah? Tyrus Thomas? Thabo Sefolosha? JamesOn Curry? Luol Deng? Ben Gordon? Yup, your homeless man’s Atlanta Hawks. Could D’Antoni form them into a decent team? Of course, but they couldn’t compete with anyone in the long run. Still more than the Knicks could offer, but not even close to convincing me that they could make something great happen. (Did you notice I left Hinrich of that team? Neither did I. They should trade him as long as he is worth a little something. Same goes for Larry Hughes. They earn a combined 23 mil next year.)

I’m not so sure that it was the best move for Mike, but it is a great move for the Knicks. D’Antoni is a very likeable coach and he knows how to handle journalists. Don’t think about next year, you can’t do much, but they will have expiring contracts they can build something on.

Next season:

  • Stephon Marbury: 22 mil (unless they buy him out or something)
  • Malik Rose: 8 mil

30 mil worth of expiring contracts and you know that GMs are in love with expiring contracts. The Knicks can’t offer anything else, but that is at least something to start with.